In recent highlight of Sealed Our Fates’ debut EP release, Welcome to Armageddon, the Adelaide post-hardcore band are currently on their huge Australian East Coast tour visiting Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney before returning to Adelaide to play their final gig of the tour on the 24th of July at the Published Arthouse.

The next tour dates include Canberra on July 15 at The Basement, Sydney on July 17 at Valve Bar and Wollongong on July 19 at Rad Bar, all incorporating local bands and giving away free CDs upon entry. For more information regarding these dates, go to

So far along this amazing journey, Sealed Our Fate have visited Melbourne, with all bands tearing up the venues and everyone enjoying the experience. In conjunction with meeting fellow travellers at hostels, the recent massive Musicland gig featuring crazy fans dragging a couch into the mosh pit has made great footage for the Australian East Coast Tour video.

Not only have Sealed Our Fate released a debut EP and commenced their first tour, the band have also just released their latest track and second music video ‘Heartbreaker’, available to view on Sealed Our Fates’ Facebook page and Youtube channel.

The Australian metal scene can expect to see more of Sealed Our Fate as they are booked to play alongside the popular American deathcore band Chelsea Grin in August, and plans of a second EP are underway. Sealed Our Fate also have an Indonesian Tour at the end of the year and plan to tour America and Europe within the next year or two. Keep an eye out for the latest updates and details from Sealed Our Fate via their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts!

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