Indie solo act  p e t  c e m e t e r y  has just released Dead, his first EP under the name. Already famous in the UK for his band Playlounge, Saam Owen decided that he wanted to explore something new and interesting, and so Dead was born. Short, sharp and oh-so-sweet, the EP is softly spoken and somewhat strange to hear on its first play through. It’s a collection of short tracks based on his life and experiences and listening to it is just the antidote to a terrible day.

According to Saam, ‘could i control the planets’ is his attempt at playing ‘rickyeatacic’. It’s a weird and bizarre tune; out of this world. It gradually builds into a crescendo and, if looped, would be an excellent backing to a scene in a space movie: where the heroes are boarding the alien ship, unsure of what comes next.

His second track, ‘in 2 u’, was released as the single for the EP. It’s about having a crush on someone who has a boyfriend and comprises of guitar and Saam’s soft voice crooning over the top. It’s quite enjoyable and it’s a shame the track is so short.

Apparently his third track, ‘alternate theme for adventure time’, was a complete accident. It’s an almost complete re-write of the well-known theme song, as a funky eight-bit sounding version. Its whimsical nature adds to the feeling that this EP is just the starter for a three course meal—that there should be more to come.

Anxiety and first dates are the inspirations behind the fourth track, ‘blind’. Another strong acoustic piece, it’s gentle and soothing, and another example of Saam’s incredible vocal talent.

The meaning behind ‘crystal peaks’ is apparently still being discovered, but from our end it’s another funky electronic track with an uplifting sound. And another track that could have quite easily come from a video game from around a decade ago. It’s a fun piece to end the EP on.

There is definite potential behind  p e t  c e m e t e r y  and his unique take on indie. It’s unfortunate that the tracks are short and give only a small taste of his talent and scope. While not for everyone, this certainly is a fun and emotionally driven EP.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to Dead here.

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