So, Detour 2016 happened and, yes, it was everything we were hoping for. Orchestrated by Daniel Bills, Detour is in its third year and gaining momentum fast. Held in the Estonian Concert Hall in North Adelaide, it was a night full of good music and good people.

First to hit the stage was Japam and they sent sound waves through the room. Wicked riffs and killer choruses were many (as were tattoos) and the crowd was quite receptive to Japam’s heavy rock so early on in the night.

Walking With Thieves followed up soon after and vocalist Cameron Johnson can definitely belt one out. Thumping basslines and rocking melodies backed his charisma on stage and he made sure to let everyone know to ‘beerhydrate’.

Melbourne band, Khan, brought the experimental hazy ’90s rock to the stage. The guitar solos were on another level and with the smoke machine and lasers beaming from the stage, it was almost hallucinogenic as their melodies washed over you.

Where Khan were mellow rockers, Colibrium’s set was a perfected performance, where drinks were spilled and beats were dropped. Everything about their music is powerful; you’ve got soaring vocals and fiery guitar riffs, and their tune ‘Alien’ had the crowd losing it.

Wrapping up a night of stellar music was Indiago, and they were wild on stage. They drew attention with their luscious locks and kept it with beat, hook and note. Guitars swelled with life affirming riffs and William Solomon’s vocals were so gutsy, his enthusiasm transferred to the crowd.

Honestly, this whole event is to be commended. Detour shows off local acts, encourages people to discover new music, and to get together and let loose. Music really is a religion. So Daniel Bills, the mastermind, the captain—we salute you.

More photos coming to Facebook soon.

Photo: Joshua McCawley

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