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The team at Ratbag Records recently announced their newest signees, Danish punk-meets-alt-rock trio, MOLLY. The band are set to release their AU/NZ-exclusive, self-titled LP which is due out on the 16th of September and led by the first single, ‘Bagu Bagu’.

Watch the video for ‘Bagu Bagu’ here.

The Copenhagen locals met Dune Rats on tour in Europe last year and have since become the newest addition to Dune Rats’ label, joining Skegss from Byron Bay and UK prodigy, Rat Boy.

Download ‘Bagu Bagu’ here.

On the band’s self-titled album, MOLLY, they craft an impressively large wall of sound; the album-opener, ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’ features energetic drumming and ‘Bagu Bagu’ is equally impressive with its layered, grungy riffs and at times, fuzzy and distorted feedback. The trio’s driving beats are juxtaposed against slow, drawling vocals and the end result is nine lively and uplifting tracks!

MOLLY’s members are heavily influenced by American ’80s and ’90s rock. Their 2012 inception prompted attention in the underground scene, with little delay! The band’s first full-lenth, Peach Melba dropped last year, followed by an appearance at Pop Revo and performances over two consecutive years at Roskilde Festival. Fans have quickly drawn comparisons to some of the band’s influences, such as Hüsker Dü, Sugar and Dinosaur Jr.

Dune Rats recall their first meeting with MOLLY in Copenhagen last year: “We met Molly when they opened for us in Denmark. The club was the grossest we’d played in to date, and because they were still scrubbing blood/other fluid from the previous night’s show off the walls, we had time to burn before we were needed for sound-check. These three guys in the corner we assumed were the opener offered to take us into Christiania, the drug district (literally), to score some weed. The night started and finished with partying above the venue, and in the morning some of these dudes were still there drinking. We asked them if they’d come to Sweden in the van for one show and no money – they said yes, and that’s the first time we met Molly.”

MOLLY joined Dune Rats on every show of their next European tour, and the friendship and mutual love of each-others’ music was locked and loaded.

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