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Arguably one of the best lineups in rock history, The Dead Daisies are back. They’ve been touring globally for the last few years and have opened for some of the biggest names in rock history, namely KISS. Now, they’re bringing back the best of ’80s rock ‘n’ roll with their newest album Make Some Noise. Every song is anthemic and a potential classic, but the real surprising standout was ‘Song And A Prayer.’ Rhythmic and melodic, it’s a slow-down track that brings back the storytelling that’s missing from a lot of songwriting these days. With ample time to guitar solo and riff it out, this particular track brings back memories of summers spent soulfully singing in the car with the windows down.

‘Long Way To Go’ will speak to many people on a deeper level about the state of the world today, the message of frustration coming through loud and clear. The beauty of their music, however, is their timelessness and relevance despite changing global music tastes. It’s a solid rock track, with all the ingredients to make it both memorable and loved.

‘Make Some Noise’ is one of their singles from earlier this year, but the namesake track gets another mention because of how beautiful it is. It’s one of those tracks that you can chuck on repeat and never get tired of—stomping along to the chorus, and pretending to guitar solo along with the epic riffing. The name says it all so well.

The only potential downfall to this album, is that it runs the risk of getting lost along with the original rock ‘n’ roll classics of the ’80s—but I doubt that would be a problem. Make Some Noise is out now; fans can find it on iTunes.

Rock ‘n’ roll will never go out of style!

Rating: 9/10

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