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Dreadnaught has been a part of the Australian heavy metal scene for over 20 years. Their self-titled album was released over five years ago and now they’re back with a new album and nation-wide tour. TEO caught up with Dreadnaught vocalist, Greg, to discuss their new album, the impact of their Pozible campaign, and the resurgence of vinyl.

TEO: Can you tell me a bit about the new album Caught the Vultures Sleeping?
It has taken a few years for us to put it together – that’s for sure. Eventually, when we knuckle down and decide what sort of songs we are going to write, we find our focus with what we’re doing.

How was it getting back into the swing of things, in terms of recording the new album?
It’s been really good, actually, to have something new out there. We wrote the album and then we went out and played some shows and then actually began recording. We won’t wait so long next time to put any new music out – whether it’s an album or a seven-inch vinyl.

Is this your first vinyl?
Yes, I think vinyl is making such a big comeback! It’s great to store 5000 songs on your phone – but is it? It’s so cool things are going back to vinyl and, here in Melbourne, record stores are opening up again, which is just great.

Can you talk a bit about the impact of the pre-sale Pozible campaign and what that meant for the album?
That was really great! Not only did we make the target, we went over it! Which is awesome. We didn’t ask for any donations or handouts, it was all pre-sale: CDs, shirts, vinyls – things like that. It was good to see that people actually wanted things from us still.

How do you think the band has changed since your first album Body.Blood.Skin.Mind in 1996?
I hope we have gotten better! I think, from being together so long, the process of everything has been a lot more streamlined. Now, we know how to put up with each other, we know each other’s temperaments, we listen to each other’s ideas, we have learnt to trust each other’s opinion but it doesn’t mean we don’t argue about it either.

Brewtality Festival is set to be big this year, not only in Melbourne but in Sydney as well. What is it like to play the festival?
They’re always awesome. We played the first one four or five years ago; it’s cool to be asked back to do that again. Brewtality has sold out this year and it just goes to show that you younger people want to go out and see live music just as older people do.

What else can we expect from Dreadnaught in the future?
Whether it’s an album next or not, there’ll definitely be something else coming out. We’re looking at putting out a DVD, some new music and, of course, the tour, which will hopefully start a second run in October.

Find out more about the new album and tour here.

Saturday, August 6:  BREWTALITY Festival, Melbourne
Saturday, August 13:
Enigma Bar, Adelaide
w/ Alkira, Mammoth & Sector III
Friday, August 19: The Basement, Canberra
(8 band fest – 2 stages) w/ Black Rheno, Wretch, Johnny Roadkill & More
Saturday, August 20: The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney
w/ Darker Half & Daemon Pyre
Friday, August 26: Republic Bar, Hobart
w/ Taberah & more
Saturday, August 27: Club 54, Launceston
w/ Actuality, Shark Puncher & more
Saturday, September 3: Ding Dong Lounge – Melbourne
Launch w/ Desecrator, Truth Corroded, Daemon Pyre, Wildeornes & Blunt Shovel

Tickets on sale from the venues

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Photo: Michael Weinhardt

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