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Melbourne born prog-rock band, Acolyte, is ready for their debut album Shades of Black to drop this Friday, the 5th of August. They’re also excited for the launch in their familiar hometown. Opening acts have been announced as: Lung Band, HeadtorcH and Ten Thousand, all of who have new material for the thirsty crowd. TEO got to know keys and synth player, David Van Pelt, through a series of very serious questions.

TEO: In the following choices, pick one and explain why:
Book or movie?
David: Tough one, but I would have to say movie. There’s something about combining powerful visuals with a haunting/emotive score that takes my breath away. For example, the book Jaws by Peter Benchley is undoubtedly a classic but without the incredibly memorable score from John Williams, it just isn’t the same.
Apple or Android?
I have had both and would have to say Apple. While they may be more rigid, I just love the OS and the ability to sync all of my Apple gear together – good times.
Your birthday or Christmas?
Definitely Christmas! Don’t get me wrong, birthdays are awesome but with Christmas you get to give and not just receive. Christmas is about everybody and has all the benefits of having the holidays included – to help with the hangover! What more could you want?
Live shows or album recording?
Love a good live show! There is a rawness about them that I just adore. With studio recordings, you can use a plethora of flashy plugins to make an album sound pristine or perfect. However, this clinical process dissolves some of the magic of music for me. There is nothing better than watching a killer band firing on all cylinders in a live situation! You know you are watching something special when you can physically see the chemistry between band members. That, in my opinion, is where the magic is born, and is the true indictor of an amazing band worthy of stardom! Sadly, it is also something seldom captured during studio recordings.

What were you like in high school?
I was school captain and a bit of a nerd, but because I played AFL and worked at the local hangout, I was able to mix with various social groups from all different schools, which was great.

How did the band come up with the name ‘Acolyte’?
From memory, I believe our previous guitarist, Frank came up with the name and we all thought it sounded cool. Since then, we’ve found out that it has some religious connotations, which is fine, but we are certainly not a religious band.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in a band?
Most likely teaching or acting.

Which Inbetweeners character would you be: Jay, Neil, Simon or Will?
Great question! I would say I am a blend of all three; I tend to have the optimism/enthusiasm of Will, the cheekiness of Jay and the daydreaming nature of Neil. This combination has allowed me to get out of many situations and get what I’m after with a simple cheeky smile.

The Evelyn Hotel’s doors open at 8.00pm this Friday, so if you’re hanging around Fitzroy, make your way to see that magic and chemistry David was taking about.

Read more about Shades of Black here.

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Melbourne Music Blog-Sydney Music Blog-Acolyte