The Adelaide five-piece formed a few years ago when lead singer, Peter White met their guitarist at a party. What could have been a throwaway comment about starting a band, turned into Lost Woods. All members, except Peter, studied jazz at the Adelaide Conservatorium. This has allowed for a beautiful intricacy within their music. Their recent self-titled EP is an intriguing mix of complex guitars and soaring melodies.

Lost Woods will show off their new music at The GreenRoom’s Gig at The Elly this Thursday, the 4th of August. The collaboration with Umbrella: Winter City Sounds – a new month-long live music festival – and Guitars in Bars celebrates young Adelaide artists.

We chatted with lead singer, Peter White about Adelaide’s growing music scene before the band hit up The Elly this Thursday night.

TEO: The band’s self-titled EP was released a few weeks ago. What was the inspiration behind these songs?
The inspiration was strange and eclectic. There are a lot of different sounds going on in the EP, as well as songs with differing emotions. A lot of the time, in our writing process, the guitarists will write the guitar parts and name the songs – like really obscure names – so I’ll have to look up ‘Miyolangsangma’s Palace’. I didn’t really even know what that was. They would often give me a name and then I would write the melody and lyrics, which gave each song almost a different direction. So the EP is quite eclectic, it was difficult to have one inspiration for it.

That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of writing that way before.
I don’t know if it was originally there to throw me off guard, but it was cool to write about a lot of different things. If I’m left to my own devices it ends up often being about love and the pain of love.

Guitarists Tom and Sam Baird are twins. Have they ever had any freaky telepathic moments in the studio or on stage?
It does seem like they are one person at times. I guess one thing that we’re known for is really in synch guitars that intertwine quite well. I think that might definitely have something to do with the fact that they’re identical twins.

Tell us about your upcoming GreenRoom Gig at The Elly. How did you get involved with this?
Tom was contacted to do the gig and we didn’t really know much about it. I had a look at the lineup and saw that Cosmo Thundercat and Dan White were there, both of whom we’ve played with before. We got Dan in for our single launch last year and I just love his music. Cosmo Thundercat as well, we’ve played with them and they’re doing so well – they’ve got a nice folky rock sound. So it’s a great thing to be a part of.

Why do you think events such as Guitars in Bars and Umbrella Winter City Sounds are a positive addition to Adelaide’s music scene?
The Adelaide music scene, well, in winter it sometimes goes into hibernation – everyone sort of hides away. I think it’s fantastic that they’ve got a bunch of things happening to get people outside. It was just awesome to open up the Umbrella Festival guide and see so many good acts.

Why is now a good time to be involved in Adelaide’s music scene?
I think the more exposure the scene gets, the better. I guess sometimes we get forgotten about; when you look at other capital cities, they’ve got such a strong live music scene and ours – it’s not so much struggling – but we’re gradually getting on the map. The more festivals that we have like this, the better and just to get more exposure for Adelaide musicians because I think we all deserve to be heard.

What was the last gig you went to at a bar?
It might have been Tash Sultana when she was on tour at Ed Castle and she was amazing. She’s an Aussie artist getting heaps of attention, which is wicked. She puts on an amazing one-person show where she does all these really crazy loops. She’s just such a fantastic guitarist as well. After laying down all the instrumental stuff she starts singing and she’s got an absolutely phenomenal voice.

Winter is a tough time for gigs. Convince us why we should see Lost Woods live this Thursday at The Elly:
People tend to play a lot through the summer, but we almost have the reverse of that. A couple of the guys in the band do a lot of cover stuff throughout the summer, so we’ve been a bit busier in the winter. We were hibernating in the summer, and now we’ve got a bunch of new stuff to play. Come out and say g’day.

Lost Woods are playing at GreenRoom’s Gig at The Elly this Thursday the 4th of August, alongside Alex K, Cosmo Thundercat, and Dan White. Tickets can be purchased here.

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