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Having only formed in 2013, the Sydney boys, Hellions, have now dropped their third record titled Opera Oblivia. It’s an obscure title: ‘opera’ meaning works of art and ‘oblivia’ meaning a passive state of forgetfulness. Once you understand the meaning behind this title, the album’s direction becomes much clearer; it’s all about a collection of wonderful moments that tend to drift away from your memory, which is a good description of life as well.

The men behind these rocking tunes are: Dre Faivre (vocals), Anthony Caruso (drums), Matthew Gravolin (guitar/vocals), Josh Campiao (guitar) and Chris Moretti (bass). As the saying goes: many hands make light work. Together, they’ve created an album that is wonderfully put together and every song conveys an emotion that carries you onwards and also upwards; it’s quite empowering.

The opening track is ‘24’ and you’re introduced to Dre’s shouted vocals and precise guitar work. A chorus backed with a choir of voices always feels uplifting, and it’s certainly an attention commanding intro to Opera Oblivia. The song that gathered the most interest and excitement for this record was the single, ‘Quality of Life’, and it’s one of the best on the record; with soaring choruses and thrilling riffs in abundance and the breakdown towards the end is almost magical.

Other notable tracks are: ‘Lotus’, with puncturing drums, ‘Nightliner Rhapsody’, which is a rapid song with grungy and gritty riffs, and ‘He Without Sin’. Now, ‘He Without Sin’ spans two songs and seems to touch on some deep emotional issues; it’s definitely an interesting listen, and Dre’s vocals are quite expressive. The songs on the album are well placed, and we’re given a softer song towards the end. ‘Nuestra Culpa’ takes a step back from the breakneck speed Hellions have been holding onto and they introduce piano and strings. It’s dramatic and desperate at the same time – it’s sure to give you goosebumps.

The final song, ‘25’, drags the mood back up and Hellions finish the album how they started – with some feel-good rock. Opera Oblivion is an empowering record and honestly, every song is a banger. This is an album that will last the test of time and we can only imagine how Hellions will top this cracker.

Rating: 9/10

Opera Oblivia is out now and available for purchase here.

Quality Of Life Australian Tour
Friday 5th August
– Enigma Bar, Adelaide (LIC/AA)
Friday 12th August – Bald Faced Stag, Sydney (LIC/AA)
Saturday 13th August – The Brightside, Brisbane (18+)

Tickets on sale now!

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Photo: Sandra Markovic

Sydney Music Blog-Melbourne Music Blog-Hellions