Adelaide is making waves in the art world, and many a strong woman is emerging from the surf. One such lady is Celeste Juliet Aldahn. With over 10 awards and grants to her name, she is fast becoming a staple in the South Australian scene. Reminiscent of a Riot Grrrl, she creates installations and mixed media, with a strong focus on female power and the occult. She is also a pretty rad poetry master. We asked her our usual set of inane questions. Read her answers below!


What would your work be if…

If it was a Music Video?
Hole ‘Violet’

If it was a Movie?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

If it was an Emoji?

If it was a Food?
Sickly sweets

If it was a Place?
Bedroom shrines or music boxes

If it was a time of day?
Bruised dusk


If it was a Smell?
Menstrual blood over Impulse

If it was a Quote?
“We are the weirdos, mister.” – The Craft, 1996

If it was a Celebrity?
Courtney Love



Words: Greta Gramazio
Photos: Supplied