Adelaide’s Vision Festival is fast approaching, bringing with it incredible talent and new sounds. Headliners Horror My Friend, from the sleepy suburbs of Adelaide, will be taking on their home-crowd with their fun indie-rock vibe and killer live performance. With their debut album just six months into its release, we sat down to talk to drummer Sam Kolesnik, about the album, new-found fame and Vision Festival.

TEO: Your debut album, Stay In, Do Nothing came out earlier this year – are you happy with the reception so far?
Yeah, it’s been really good. When we first recorded it, we didn’t even really expect to have it out on a label, we were just going to put it out ourselves. Even before we recorded it, the fact we got Poison City involved with it – we were just stoked with that. To have other people listen to it through them and come out to gigs is just really cool. It’s had a really good reception.

You’ve had some pretty big interviews already!
Yeah, we just got sent an email one day saying you’re going to be featured in Rolling Stone, and we were like ‘what?’ It was ridiculous and really, really cool.

It’s got that killer ’90s indie vibe that you just don’t hear anymore, what’s the biggest inspiration behind the sound?
All three of us have our own sort of different tastes in the music that we like, but we all love Sonic Youth and Nirvana and bands like that. Definitely Sonic Youth was one of the biggest influences with the sound, particularly their EP. Tom and Josh love mucking around with pedals and stuff to sort of emulate the songs that came out of the ’90s and write our own songs with those sounds. They sound a bit similar, but we add our own spin to it.

You’ve opened for some pretty big names, like Cold Chisel at Clipsal, have you ever been star struck by anyone?
Yeah! Cold Chisel. Pretty much everyone – we’ve opened for a lot of really cool bands. It’s an odd feeling when it’s someone you’ve known, particularly when you were younger, or it’s someone you listen to now that you thought you’d never get to meet and then you see that they are actually a human being. We never actually got to meet Cold Chisel, they kinda just rocked up when they started, but it was pretty cool because we were standing at the back and Jimmy Barnes just walked past wearing his knee high boots. He was just there! It was the best stage we ever played on too.

What can Adelaide expect from you at Vision Festival – looking forward to it?
Vision Festival is going to be heaps fun! I’m stoked that the Love Junkies are coming over; it’s a shame that Maids pulled out, but it’s good SIAMESE will be there. Cobra and Pemberton are good too!

Horror My Friend are headlining at Vision Festival on the 16th of July at JIVE. Tickets are available here.

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Photo: Sia Duff

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