There’s no denying we live in a digital age. Like most other mediums, art has had to adapt or die, and while there’s still a place for traditional methods of creativity to thrive, one South Australian artist looking to the future is Mia Van den Bos. Her series ‘Sunnie Eggies’ was the first I saw and I was struck immediately by its relevance to society. Her work is at once crude and incredibly complex. It is deeply personal, each piece speaks volumes about the artist, but at the same time conveys a general feeling that is rampant in current youth culture. She states; “I’m interested in how we communicate via social media and in the increasing prevalence of emoticons in our everyday lives, despite (or maybe because of) their frequent condemnation in social commentary as well as scholarly linguistic texts.” Continuing the theme, we asked her our usual gamut of pop-culture questions. Read her answers below!

Mia Cybertime resize

What would your work be if…

If it was a Music Video?
Dannii Minogue ‘All I Wanna Do’

If it was a Movie?
Ex Machina

If it was an Emoji?
If it was a Food?
A stick of celery

If it was a Place?
The internet

If it was a time of day?

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If it was a Smell?
Licorice tea

If it was a Quote?
“You click, you punch the keys, you are ‘involved’, engulfed, deciding. You are the text, there is no-one else, no ‘author’; there is nowhere else, no other time or place. You are free: you are the text: the text is superseded.” – Alan Kirby

If it was a Celebrity


non verbalresiZE

Words: Greta Gramazio
Photos: Supplied