Tyler Rivers is a singer-songwriter from the UK, heavily influenced by Brit-pop and current mainstream hits. Tyler performs his pop rock music both solo and with a band, headlining a number of UK shows; including one where he shared the stage with Hannah Symons, finalist of The Voice 2015.

After playing a number of local shows and festivals in the UK, Tyler relocated to Sydney where he found himself recording his debut single, ‘Fool for You’ with Producer Sean Carey (former guitarist of Thirsty Merc). The radio friendly single made ‘Track of the Day’ on a number of local radio stations in the Midlands and London, through Deuce Management. He’s since headlined shows at Ric’s Bar in Brisbane and played a sell-out show at The Eastern Lounge in Sydney. Tyler has also played various intimate shows around Sydney.

Tyler’s next release will be his second single, titled ‘Running from the Sun’ and will also be produced by Sean Carey. Fans can expect a release date of 1 August 2016. Following the single’s release, Tyler will be playing a number of Sydney shows and heading out on an East Coast tour.

Tyler Rivers’ debut EP will launch at the end of this year, upon his return to the UK.

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Photo on album art: Liam Rigby

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