Alternative Rock band, Stansbury, have recently released their latest single ‘Riverbend’, which follows on from their earlier release ‘Overcome’. The trio have created a piece that is so raw, powerful and real, you’re left with some serious emotions you might have bottled up a long time ago.

Guitarist, Paul Bakker, says the song is really personal to him, “it’s inspired from a relationship that actually ended between me and my girlfriend about a year ago”.

The song is both intense and powerful, with lead singer, Jacqueline Kyriacoa, creating a graceful deep tone, which starts strong and progresses into heavier and more passionate vocals. The combined sound of Paul on guitar and George Solomon on drums adds intensity to the already demanding vocals.

Jacqueline says the song is one of their favourites, in terms of dynamics, that the trio have created yet. “‘Riverbend’ is almost a metaphor for somewhere you can just go and sit and be yourself and not have to worry about anything else,” Jacqueline says.

The songwriting process is always time consuming and often difficult, but Paul says it’s their individual flair that makes it work.

“It’ll usually start with an idea or a really basic structure of a song. Then George and I will work together on the instruments, with George recommending the drum part and me working through guitars,” Paul says. “Once we have a solid bass to work with, Jackie and I will usually go away individually and write lyrics, and then we’ll come together and see what we’ve got”. Jacqueline adds, “Paul wrote all of the versus and we worked on the chorus together. That’s usually how we write our songs”.

‘Riverbend’ is a direct response to their previous single, ‘Overcome’, which Jacqueline says is written about the same situation. “In ‘Overcome’ Paul had hope that it would resolve and that they would get past it, and then ‘Riverbend’ came out and I guess it was about accepting the break-up, trying to get over it and taking steps to get over what had happened.”

The band hopes their songs connect with their fans, George says, “we genuinely write our own stories in hope that people will relate to the songs, that people can take the songs and help them with whatever they’re going through and however they’re feeling at the time. I can connect with a lot of bands I listen to, and that’s our goal: we want to affect kids and bands and people. And I guess everyone goes through a break-up at one point in their life.”

The band have their first album coming out towards the end of this year, with more singles to be released in the lead up. Catch them at Adelaide’s UniBar this Saturday 18 June for their Suit Yourself tour. Tickets can be purchased here.

Watch the video clip for ‘Riverbend’ here.

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Photo: Rhiannon Miller

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