Krook is an Adelaide based clothing brand founded by 15-year-old, Aidan Berry. The label incorporates a combination of surf and skate style, which is perfect for the rebel in us all. Aidan hand-draws his designs and prints them onto quirky tees from the comfort of his own home. We chatted with Aidan about everything from his inspirations to future goals.

TEO: Where did the idea for Krook Clothing originate?
I’ve always had the idea to do my own thing in life, I wanted to stand out in a way that not many people do. I’ve always wanted there to be more unique fashion styles in the world. So, I decided to draw up some designs around the name ‘Krook’.

When did the Krook brand first start up and how did you get it off the ground?
Krook was just an idea in 2015 and I didn’t think it would actually happen! I talked about it with my closest friend and he immediately wanted to help out. My dad was the main reason I was able to begin because he believed in me. He lent me money to buy the screen-printing equipment.

How old were you when you started Krook?
I was 15-years-old when I came up with the idea – it was the end of 2015 leading into the summer holidays. It was the perfect time to be able to start my project; I had so much time on my hands to perfect the designs and styles. I launched our first few designs at the end of the holidays.

Who or what inspires your designs?
I hand-draw all of the designs myself. I don’t look around at what’s popular because it’s a waste of time; customers aren’t going to choose to buy your product when it’s the same as everything else. You have to be unique – it’s risky because you never know the outcome – and that can be scary. I went with my gut feeling and managed to create some banger designs!

If you could have anyone in the world wearing your designs, who would it be?
Definitely Wiz Khalifa – he’s always been a trendsetter. It would be the ultimate feeling seeing him on stage repping our product!

What’s the process of hand printing Krook clothing?
I’ve always wanted to be able to screen-print the designs myself. At first it’s not easy; there is a lot of knowledge and experience to build up. I have the confidence to be able to do it myself now ­– until the brand gets too big to handle alone.

What’s next for Krook?
I haven’t really thought about what’s next. I aim for my brand to gain a worldwide audience. I guess we’ll just find out when it happens!

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