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Bad Moon Born are a bunch of guys from Sydney playing shows and rocking hard. Their EP Chemical Lullabies was released last month and proves that this is surely the beginning of some musical wonders. The band: Frank Lakoudis (vocals), Voya (guitar), Ned Koncar (guitar), Nick Allen (bass) and John Ez (drums) spent about a year in preparation, writing and experimenting before letting Chemical Lullabies loose into the world.

It’s full of wicked riffs and throaty vocals, and TEO caught up with Frank and Voya to have a chat about the EP, what ‘girth rock’ is, and Prophets of Rage.

TEO: Your debut EP Chemical Lullabies came out in April, how are you guys feeling about it?
: Oh, pretty good – we’ve been getting a good response from everyone who’s heard it. The EP launch went really well and all we’ve been getting is good feedback so it feels rewarding after all the hard work we put into it. It’s finally great to have it out in the wild and have people listening to it, it’s pretty cool!

Can you tell me a bit about Chemical Lullabies? How did you come up with the title?
Voya: The best way I could describe the way we picked this title is through very random happenings throughout the time of making this. And these are the kinds of songs that represented the time when we were making them.
: Yeah, Chemical Lullabies just sums up basically the whole writing process and where we were at the time.

Oh, was the writing process hard?
Frank: We had a bit of material just like in the back catalogue. But yeah the writing process was pretty interesting, we had written a bunch of tracks and met up with a producer and culled a lot and kept the best ones.
: It was a very experimental time for the band.
: Yeah we were finding our sound, and we finally found it actually!

Yes, I read that you label yourselves as girth rock, what is that?
Voya: Girth rock [laughs]
: The best way to sum it up is just fat riffs and fat vocals – it’s just fat!
: Just trying to be a powerhouse.

So, who are you guys listening to and being inspired by at the moment?
Voya: Lately I have been getting a lot of ’90s inspiration; bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machine.
: Sound Garden, Audioslave, all that. ’90s vibes all the way.

I heard that Rage might be making a comeback, have you guys heard that?
Voya: Yeah, I’ve researched all about that, and no it’s not true! They’re making another super group with the guy from Cypress Hill. And they’ll be called Prophets of Rage, and you heard it here first through Voya!
: [laughs]

You’re touring at the moment, how’s that going?
Frank: Yeah, it’s going really well! We’ve booked a bunch of shows and we’re still constantly booking. Getting back into the wild is actually really fun, after a year of just writing – and finally being able to get back on that stage is a lot of fun.

Must be a good release, have you had any really good gigs?
Frank: Our EP launch was really, really great. And our last one at Frankie’s was really great too.

And what else do you have planned for this year?
Voya: I think the rest of this year will be to keep pushing this EP, tour around and get our sound out there live for people to hear. And in the meantime keep writing and experimenting with where we’re going with this.

Definitely, gotta get your fat sound out there!
Frank: [laughs] Yeah!

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