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Death Angel have been around the block a few times, more so than most bands, which means they’ve certainly got it down to a fine art. Each of their albums pack a punch, telling the story they want to share, and this one is no exception – expressing the tale of the chaos around them. With the release of their eighth studio album, The Evil Divide, TEO sat down with legendary guitarist Rob Cavestany to discuss the album, the tour and the meaning behind it all.

TEO: How long did it take to get The Evil Divide ready? Was it difficult?
Relatively speaking, it wasn’t bad compared to previous experiences, where we’ve been dealing with God-knows-what; making it difficult to work on the record.

It was quite free flowing and natural; an organic process. That’s not to say that it was easy by any means – it had its share of stress and intensity. Especially the last six weeks, where I pretty much wrote 50% of the album before entering the recording studio; it kind of got a little crunchy at the end there. But it just happens that way sometimes. We had just gotten home from the final leg of a European tour in support of our last album, I got home and it just exploded into music.

What was the inspiration behind your opening track, ‘The Moth’?
Definitely one of my favourite songs and we feel it is a really strong track. It’s a song that has got a double meaning to it, with multiple angles of inspiration. The main thing I want people to get from it is what’s happening in the world – current events in the news that aren’t necessarily very happy. You just need to look at the lyrics in the songs, then go turn on your TV or go on the internet – it shouldn’t take long for you to be thoroughly pissed off. ‘The Moth’ is definitely a reference to that, as well as my personal experience with life and the band, and what that does to you psychologically. As you go from the demands of the band to your ‘normal life’ with friends and family – you’re living a double life and trying to keep it together. That is part of The Evil Divide of things, and it’s just unfortunate that everything can’t co-exist.

After eight albums, which one is your favourite?
Absolutely all about The Evil Divide right now – it’s always that way when we have a new record but I honestly just have a really special feeling for this record. There’s just something special about this album and it all seems to have come together for us – we are just tighter than ever. I just feel that this is the record that I wanted to make and it couldn’t have happened until now – we had to make the other two records and go through everything we did to come to this moment.

You’re heading on tour with none other than Slayer and Anthrax! Looking forward to it?
Oh now that’s a crazy question right there! That’s crazy talk! Of course we are looking forward to it, beyond belief! It’s definitely one hell of a lineup and such a strong way to start our touring cycle for this record. It’s going to be amazing and I’m hoping that this level of touring will continue through 2017, and who knows how long. This is just the beginning!

Death Angel are heading on tour this September in support of their new album The Evil Divide. The album was released on May 27 and is available online and in store.

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