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Cool Drop Cold Drip Coffee are coffee brewers from Adelaide, who specialise in producing full flavoured sweet-tasting cold coffee. Enjoyed chilled with ice, their coffee eliminates the caffeine crash and leaves you feeling alert and revitalised, making for a healthier alternative to heat extracted coffee. TEO interviewed these innovative coffee makers to find out what makes their brew different from other coffee extraction methods

TEO: What inspired you to create Cold Drip Coffee?
We love coffee and enjoy experimenting with different styles and brewing methods. We decided that we wanted to make an alternative way of coffee brewing, so we introduced cold drip coffee.

To make cold drip coffee, simply drip filtered water onto freshly ground coffee beans. As the coffee beans only have contact with water, the natural and unique flavours of the beans are retained. This makes it a naturally sweet coffee drink, with lower acidity – all natural and a guilt free caffeine hit.

What is the best way to drink your coffee?
It tastes best when it’s really cold. Our favourite way to drink Cool Drop Cold Drip Coffee is over ice, but you can also add milk to it. The options are endless.

What are the ingredients used in your coffee?
We make our coffee with locally sourced single origin beans and filtered water.

What differentiates your coffee from other brands?
We predominantly operate an online coffee-to-your-door business, where the customers place their order online and a fresh batch will be made to order and delivered to them in 1-3 business days (i.e. a coffee store where coffee is only made when ordered and not sitting around to be picked up like a bottle of coke), so the coffee is always fresh.

We offer free delivery/pick up from the Adelaide CBD and surrounding suburbs. We also ship our coffee Australia wide via Australia Post Express Post (in an esky), for a flat fee of $15.
We wanted to make our cold drip coffee a convenient option, so our product comes bottled.

What are the benefits of drinking Cool Drop Cold Drip Coffee?
It’s the convenient coffee drink that provides an all-natural source of caffeine (compared to energy drinks). Our 500mL bottle contains around five serves of cold drip coffee (or you could drink the whole bottle in one serve!) It’s perfect to keep you going for the week – just keep it in the fridge. The other way to sustain the week is the pack of five 100mL easy-to-carry bottles, ‘The Working Week Bundle’. One of these fits comfortably in your handbag, lunchbox, gym bag, or running or cycling jersey; it’s light and perfect for people on the go.

What are the future plans for the product?
We don’t have a brick and mortar store at the moment, but it is a dream. We’d also like to introduce other drink options. Cold brew tea may be in the pipeline!

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