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Spanish thrash metal powerhouse Angelus Apatrida are en route to Australia, continuing their Pacific Assault Tour to promote their latest album Hidden Evolution. It’s an aptly named tour, considering Angelus Apatrida (which, translated from a mix of Spanish and Latin, is ‘Renegade Angels’ in English) are very heavy hitters, musically. Blistering guitars and rapid drums combined with Guillermo Izquierdo’s classic metal voice are just some of the reasons why this band is one of the big names to emerge from Spain.

TEO had a chat to the band about the Spanish metal scene, touring with some big names and heading to Australia for the first time.

TEO: I have to say, I haven’t heard of many Spanish metal bands, let alone Spanish thrash metal! What’s the metal scene like in Spain?
Angelus Apatrida:
It’s pretty exciting at the moment, like it’s been for the last few years. There are many bands coming out lately; getting signed by important labels and getting recognition abroad. If you want to know about thrash, there are bands like Crisix or Mutant. But there are loads of other interesting names doing different kind of rock/metal: Toundra, Adrift, Wormed or Obsidian Kingdom.

You’ve toured with some pretty heavy bands like Slayer and Megadeth, who were you most excited to tour with?
We’ve been lucky enough to tour with some amazing bands like Anthrax, and sharing festivals with bands like Iron Maiden. All of them are favourite bands for us and we couldn’t choose just one! But we also enjoy touring with lesser known bands and making friends around the world!

You’re heading to Australia for the first time as part of your Pacific Assault Tour, what are you most looking forward to?
Meeting the people who like metal there! We have been told loads of great stuff about the scene in Australia – apparently people there have a long tradition as devoted music fans. So far, everything regarding this trip looks fantastic, so we are very excited about it.

Your latest album, Hidden Evolution, was released last year and is incredibly technical. How do you attempt to better yourselves with each album?
It’s something that comes naturally; we don’t try to push ourselves into being better technically. We just keep listening to a varied range of music styles, meeting loads of different bands on the road and keep on fooling around and trying new stuff for fun – that’s what influences us when we work on a new album.

What’s next for the band?
We have been pretty active since Hidden Evolution came out last year. So far, we have done: three European tours, one Latin American run in 12 countries there, one Asian tour with 25 dates in China, Japan and Taiwan and now this final leg in Australia. Right after this, we will get back to Europe to play some festivals there and some club shows in Spain. Then we will probably call it quits to start working our asses off for a new album!

Get tickets to the Australian shows here.

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Photos: Leandro Garcia

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