Sydney rockers, Bad Moon Born, are an undeniably talented up and coming five-piece rock band with a captivating sound that is self-described as “girth-rock”. Influenced by bands like Guns N’ Roses, Alter Bridge, Avenged Sevenfold and Audioslave, Bad Moon Born are combining their love for Metal and old school Rock, giving Classic Rock an original modern twist.

The origins of the group began in Bass Hill High School with John, Nick and Voya, where they played in an amateur band together after Voya had won a guitar from a Coca Cola label competition. They asked John to play drums and Nick accepted the offer to play bass without any prior knowledge of the instrument. They later met Frank through a series of unfortunate ex-girlfriends, influencing them to join forces. They gigged the Sydney rock scene, taking any show they could get. They progressed further musically and decided to make some changes. This led to two years of writing and demoing and the addition of Ned, a talented guitarist playing around the Sydney rock circuit and writing/producing countless artists in an array of genres. What we now know as Bad Moon Born was created.

The band features your fundamentals: drums, bass, (two) guitars, and killer vocals. The boys behind Bad Moon Born possess a level of creativity, talent, and determination that is highlighted in their developed sound, despite the early days of the band.

Catch Bad Moon Born live:

28th May – Gallery Bar, Oxford Art Factory (Supporting JAPAM) @ 8:00pm
16th June – Jane’s Wollongong @ TBC
2nd July – The Hideaway Bar @ 8:00pm
19th August – Manning Bar @ 7:30pm

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