Japam’s DK ‘Mini’ Tour for their debut EP ‘How’s my EP?’ kicked off last night at Enigma Bar in their hometown of Adelaide. With opening acts Skythief and Indiago, each with incredibly different styles, the early hours of the night promised a hectic time.

The black couches were sunken and ripped, and the walls were covered in older bands’ tour posters from years ago. The room was dark as first act, Skythief, stepped onto the stage. All five members wore black, absolutely reppin’ the leather jackets. The band produced an ’80s metal sound, reminiscent of Metallica.

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Next up was Adelaide Hills band Indiago. The young group all did their own thing on stage and lead singer William’s vocals sounded like Sticky Fingers’ Diz mixed with The Gorillaz. He then went on to a much heavier style and decimated the microphone; I mean, fuck, this dude has some lungs. The guys threw in their own version of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarles Barkley, finishing off with an original song and me enthusiastically liking their Facebook page.

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Japam hit the stage with their inked sleeves and glowing white t-shirts, the smoke illuminating their silhouettes that started to thrash around as the music got heavier. The crazy guitar solos were ongoing and brought the crowd closer and closer to the edge of the stage. Ben Whitehorn (bassist) threw in some decent head banging (a professional, I think) and Jack Thomson (drummer) and Andreas Murphy (guitarist) produced harmonies alongside lead singer Ryan Lucivero, creating a sound that reached to the depths of your core. The performance was energy-filled, sweat-generated and absolutely insane. Lights flashed at those standing and watching, colours darting into our eyes with such intensity. ‘Wolf Harass’ came on and caused a group of guys to throw their arms and heads around in this deadly mosh they had so proudly started – no way in hell was I going in there! They screamed the words along with the band while Jack’s double kick set a furious beat. Ryan’s voice stayed pitch perfect throughout the whole set with his face showing the emotions he felt in his lyrics; quite moving really.

The night was epic, the acts were unreal, and I’m pretty sure my eardrums are now damaged – totally worth it though.

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Photos: Matthias Pfeil

Adelaide Music Blog-Sydney Music Blog-Japam

Adelaide Music Blog-Sydney Music Blog-Japam