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Adelaide’s Japam just dropped their killer debut How’s My EP and we can confirm it’s worth a listen. The heavy rock quintet formed in 2014, when guitarist Seb Hudson dreamed of moving from his bedroom demos to a live band. He recruited vocalist Ryan Lucivero, bassist Ben Whitehorn, and drummer Jack Thomson, and so Japam was born.

Over the past few years, they have played alongside Birds of Tokyo, Steel Panther, and you might have heard them on Triple J’s ‘The Racket’. Japam are now making their debut with four diverse and hard-hitting tracks.

Opening track ‘Seraph’ begins with a dark rumbling bass and spoken word, which builds skilfully to a melodic chorus. First single ‘DK Facepunch’– homage to Donkey Kong – is as energetic and in your face as its title suggests. Vocalist Ryan Lucivero is assured and refreshing, the layered vocals adding depth to the intricate guitars.

‘Wolf Harass’ shows off the band’s heavier sound with thundering drums, crunching guitars and merciless screams. There is a touch of prog-rock as distant keys creep in towards the end and carry into the next track. ‘Leggy Blonde’ is the most memorable on the EP with cleaner sounding guitars and a catchy vocal hook that will be stuck in your head for days.

In the heavy rock scene it can be difficult to distinguish your sound from the rest. Yet, How’s My EP intelligently experiments with different genres, blending heavy guitars with clean vocals and catchy hooks. Japam sound their best when they embrace those melodic elements.

How’s My EP is available today. Make sure to catch Japam on their ‘DK Mini Tour’ kicking off tomorrow at Adelaide’s Enigma Bar, before stopping by Melbourne and Sydney.

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