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The voice of The Runaways talks about her proudest moments in life, ahead of her first ever Australian tour.

The Runaways inspired a generation with their thrashing punk rock. At only 15 years old, Cherie Currie prowled the stage screaming their classic hit ‘Cherry Bomb’ with Joan Jett shredding on guitar. It was the ’70s and these teenage girls were ground-breaking, shocking and rebels at heart.

After a whirlwind two years of fame and controversy, Cherie left the band. Since then she has pursued other creative outlets such as chainsaw carving and acting. This May, she is hitting the road once again, touring Australia for the first time. We chatted to Cherie about her time with The Runaways and her proudest moments.

TEO: What is your most treasured memory with The Runaways?
Probably when we landed in Japan and had no idea of the success The Runaways had there. After working so hard for almost two years of touring and no breaks and walk off the plane and get that kind of reception – I think for all of us it was a realisation that we’d actually done something that was monumental.

Your son is also a musician and produced your latest album Reverie. What is it like to share your passion of music with him?
So much pride because he’s so good! He picked up the guitar at 13 and this kid plays just so many instruments, sings and writes beautifully. And produces. He’s got amazing stage presence and is a great frontman. He’s done really well the last couple of years with his own records. I’m very proud of him.

Do you think much has changed for women in the music industry today? Do they still face the same battles you did?
No! It’s a one eighty, it’s changed so much I don’t even see the divide. I get asked this question all the time and I don’t see it. I don’t see that women have a harder time. Part of me almost thinks that they might be having an easier time. It’s just a completely different world. Thank God.

You have done some amazing things throughout your life. What are you most proud of?
Making my son Jake. That’s just the absolute truth, I’m most proud of him because he’s just a great human being, an amazing musician and now an actor. For my wonderful ex husband Robert Hays and myself, I think both of us would agree that he is our greatest accomplishment.

What kind of experience can fans expect on your Australian tour?
I am a firm believer in giving fans what they want, and that’s Runaways’ tunes, a couple of my solo tunes and some surprises.

You are always chasing your dreams. So what’s next for Cherie Currie?
Coming to Australia! That’s a dream come true, absolutely. And after that, we’ll see. I keep listening for that voice to tell me what to do next.

Keep up to date with Cherie Currie on Facebook and her official website. Tickets to her Australian and New Zealand tour can be found here.

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Adelaide Music Blog-Sydney Music Blog-Cherie Currie-The Runaways