The modelling world has grown more accepting of age, race and size – but it still has a long way to go. Model Maddie Grammatopolous talks about the difficulties of having a different body type to the industry standard.

Maddie Gramm is a homegrown model represented by AZALEA. She has her own bohemian beauty, with strong cheekbones and fierce eyebrows. Maddie was scouted by another agency, “I ended up choosing AZALEA, they were just starting out and it was exciting to be a part of something new,” Maddie says. Her first ever job was for TEO, “I was incredibly nervous and had no idea what I was doing,” Maddie says. She learnt each shoot requires different things, “In my AZALEA test shoot, they told me to frown my eyebrows, so I did that in the TEO shoot but I looked almost scary!”

Although Maddie is extremely talented – and represented by an outstanding agency – she believes that the modelling world is selective. “I hate the fact that in this day and age size is still a huge thing,” Maddie says. “I was standing in a room for a casting call with a hundred other girls and I felt uncomfortable because I have boobs and bigger thighs.” Maddie is just 19-years-old, a size 8 and measures 174cm, “I’ve never felt bad about my body before and I’m upset that I even felt uncomfortable.” With models being chosen for their size, Maddie believes she doesn’t have a chance in the national market, “My hips and thighs would stop most agencies hiring me. But to be honest, if that’s the outlook, then I wouldn’t want to be hired.” Maddie hopes to prove that you can be larger than a size 6 to get modelling jobs, “It’s about being confident with who you are.”

Maddie has made a name for herself around Adelaide, despite this. On 10 March Maddie was launched as the face of fashion boutique, Luna Wolf Vintage. The clothes suit her boho look perfectly, “I prefer the vintage look, and doing things for start out brands that are passionate about what they want to pursue.” Maddie is all about baggy t-shirts, hippie tie-dye and her dad’s old caps.

“[Modelling] wasn’t a life dream, I always thought of the idea as fun, but never imagined myself actually doing it,” Maddie says. She has other things she wants to focus on – finishing her journalism degree and travelling. “Modelling definitely helps find amazing contacts for journalism,” Maddie says.

To aspiring models, “Stay true to who you are and what you believe in,” Maddie says. “Only do what makes you happy and never say yes to a shoot that makes you uncomfortable.”

Follow Maddie on Instagram and find her on the AZALEA Models website.

Photo: Baxter William for Luna Wolf Vintage

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