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Hailing from sleepy Adelaide, Colibrium have dropped their debut album In Balance and they’re ready to wake up Australia. It seems like just yesterday the band were releasing their single ‘Spinning on the Wheel’ and leaving us yearning for more. It’s taken three years, but their hard work has paid off with the release of In Balance, a distinct rock album that showcases their musical talent.

‘Alien’, the first track, undeniably sets the mood. Edgy and rhythmic, the song shows off a more dramatic side to the band. The instrumental dynamics demonstrate a quieter and more restrained style, before jumping the fence and hitting us with stadium style rock – all within the first six minutes.

They follow on with the anthem ‘Locked and Loaded’. Released as a single earlier in February, this one is for the car ride home late at night, with the stereo turned up. Guitar riffs and a beat that is strangely reminiscent of a much older Muse; this is one that everyone will love; a classic rock song that’ll still be ringing in your ears long after the music stops playing.

‘Underdog’ is the third track, allowing vocalist Chris Gard to flex his vocal chords and display his talent with the mic. From a more reserved sound to a powerful falsetto range, he is backed by melodic riffs and incredible technical offerings from their drummer Matt Giola.

At times the album is dark and gritty, but it has uplifting and powerful moments too. The technical skill of the guitarists, Christian Tassone (lead), Gus Robertson (rhythm) and bassist Craig Williams, are always on display and are only enhanced by the excellent production. The band show incredible diversity across their eight tracks, from shredding head bangers to the slower, groove-dense bass lines that demonstrate their worth.

They have left us with an album that is tight, well produced and a sign the band is here to stay. Their collaboration with Reid Jones and Forrester Savell has been a good move for them, and this album is one to get your hands on; they’re the next big rock band from Adelaide.

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Adelaide Music Blog-Sydney Music Blog-Colibrium