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Infernal Outcry – Tasmania’s newest death metal export – are delivering their warning message this Friday 18th March in the form of their EP Mass Extinction Requiem I. The EP follows the message of the dangers of over-population and the flow-on effects of that on Planet Earth – starvation, destruction and chaos.

To get their message farther and wider, the band are offering their single ‘Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse’ for free from their website in exchange for an email address. They have also given the track to numerous Sustainable Population activists and political groups (such as Sustainable Australia Party and Population Matters) for free to distribute to their networks – a rallying cry – an acknowledgement that musicians are spreading their important word about the sustainability of our planet as well.

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In a statement released by the band (see full statement here), Infernal Outcry gave their reasoning for throwing their support behind these Sustainability organisations.

“The members of Infernal Outcry are very concerned about human overpopulation and view this issue as the greatest challenge currently facing us all. Human overpopulation is the driving force behind the catastrophic problem of climate change, which not only causes the commonly discussed increase in temperatures, rising oceans, and more frequent and severe “natural” disasters; most disturbingly, it alters rainfall patterns, posing a grave threat to global food security.

Other significant environmental and resource depletion concerns that are largely caused, or at least greatly exacerbated, by global overpopulation include: ocean acidification, plastic pollution, species extinction, soil erosion, the pollution of waterways as a result of agricultural runoff, overfishing, coral bleaching, deforestation, overgrazing, the depletion of aquifers, salinisation, the spread of plant diseases due to globalisation, peak oil, and peak phosphorous.

The lyrics to our song ‘Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse’ were inspired by the book Requiem for a Species by Clive Hamilton. The main lyrical theme in this song is the lack of sustainability of human societies generally, in which overpopulation is always the biggest key factor. The shift in western society’s philosophy several hundred years ago from a paradigm of superstition to one of scientific disconnection from the natural world has had disastrous environmental consequences. Plundering of resources became the focus, and consequently there was a lack of respect for the natural ecosystem.”

Infernal Outcry is a technical and progressive extreme metal band based in Hobart, Tasmania. Punishing drums, maliciously methodical guitars, and deathly screams all play their part in luring the listener into a diverse musical landscape of weighty, multi-textured, and brooding compositions. Drawing such on influences as Dream Theater, Death, Cynic, Atheist, and Meshuggah, Infernal Outcry’s unique twist of contemporary progressive death metal is a fusion of complex rhythms and sinister melodies teeming with intensity.

Infernal Outcry’s debut, Mass Extinction Requiem I, produced by legend of the Australian Metal scene, Joe Haley (Psycroptic), is due for release on 18th March 2016, thanks to a grant from Tasmanian Regional Arts Fund.

Since early 2012, Infernal Outcry has shared the stage with numerous metal bands including Thy Art is Murder, Psycroptic, Mephistopheles, Black Majesty, Synthetic Breed, and Intense Hammer Rage.

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