They’re called Infernal Outcry and they’re from the small state of Tasmania, but their music is anything but minor. We’ve got Liana Eriksen (vocals), David Lawson (guitar), Daniel Hill (guitar), Paul Sharp (bass) and Luke Wright (drums) creating some insanely progressive death metal and they’re about to release their debut EP Mass Extinction Requiem 1.

Earlier this year, they released an incredible and technical song titled ‘Eclipsed’, as the world’s first taste. To put it simply, Infernal Outcry have all the heaviness of Meshuggah and the technical finesse of Dream Theatre. The first two tracks, ‘Eclipsed’ and ‘Perfidious Genocide’ are quite lengthy – seven minutes plus – but the songs are ever evolving. You’ve got tempo changes, melodic riffs and clean, sweet vocals amongst Eriksen’s throaty growls and Wright’s brutal drums.

‘Jaws of Life’ is a very up-tempo song, and the shredding is real. You can’t get far into this song without being hypnotised. Eriksen’s vocal range is impressive; she can hit those low notes as well as the high ones and the progressive melodies complement this song so well.

‘Collapse & Transformation: Collapse 1’ doesn’t let you go without showcasing all of Infernal Outcry’s talent. With weighty and complex rhythms, the intensity builds through the song and you can’t help but be drawn in and listen to every single beat.

And sure, there are only four songs on the EP, but they are bursting with Infernal Outcry’s own twist of contemporary progressive death metal. And once this EP is released, there will be such appreciation for their technicality, precision and sinisterly good beats.

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