35 years, 10 albums and still one to come; Anthrax are the legends of thrash metal.

Anthrax are releasing their 11th record titled For All Kings, and it is huge in every way: vocals, riffs and hooks. After 35 years in the business, Anthrax definitely know how to create and produce metal music.

According to Scott Ian (the band’s only original member left since the band’s conception in 1981), a lot of work went into the record. “We started writing it in early 2013 amidst still being on tour for Worship Music,” Scott says. “It was pretty much on and off writing and touring from that point until we got into the studio in November 2014 and that’s when we actually started recording.” You might think there’s a formula for creating such melodic, yet hard edged music, but really, it’s just about Joey Belladona (vocals), Scott Ian (guitar), Charlie Benante (drums), Frank Bello (bass) and Jonathan Donais (lead guitar) all getting in the same room and making music that they don’t hear anywhere else.

And you won’t hear this kind of music anywhere else! Anthrax were a part of the ‘Big Four’ of thrash metal in the ’80s alongside Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. They were considered one of the leaders in the thrash scene and today they still are. They play by their own rules, they write the music they want to write, and they play it hard. It’s no wonder they’re still going strong.

For All Kings will be released to the world on February 26 and you’ll definitely be hearing it for years to come.

Words: Ebony Story
Photo: Stephanie Cabral


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