Not only are they one of the few apparel brands to cater for both men and women, Flake Goods Apparel have also produced one of the most diverse street wear lines in existence. With a range of styles and colours on offer it is no surprise they are gaining momentum. Based in Perth, the boys with the brains behind the brand are spreading their chill vibes interstate and beyond. TEO wanted to know a little more.

TEO: What inspired you to start this clothing line?
Flake Goods Apparel (FGA) was created back in July 2013. However, I had been planning and designing since February that year. I have always been interested in the available street wear and thought, “why not design clothing that I truly dig?” I have a background in graphic design and have always been good with numbers. FGA was created to put good quality garments on people’s backs at a reasonable price with a smile to go with it.

Can you outline the process that you’ve undergone in establishing your brand?
I have always conducted the designing side of FGA but now I have also teamed up with a Melbourne based designer named Pat Rogasch. Pat and I have the same interests and design style. I have a local printer and another printer over east. It depends on what type of printing I would like done as to who I go to.

What challenges did you face in the process of designing and creating an apparel business?
The main challenge I found in the process of creating FGA was getting the name out there. But like I say to all who ask, if you stay positive and true to yourself it will happen!

How significant do you believe social media platforms are in the success of brands such as your own?
I believe it is very important! It’s all about what type of media platforms you are looking into. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram worked for us, just got to keep the hype up!

Where can we find you?
You can find us online at – check us out!


Words: Charlotte Brader
Photo: Mitchell Richards

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