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They’ve just announced themselves to the world with their single ‘Youth On Repeat’, last November, and Grim Indiana are keen to showcase their intricate melodies and emotional vocals. James Geraeds was kind enough to take some time out of his day to tell us a bit more about the band.

TEO: Who makes up Grim Indiana and when did the band get together?
Grim Indiana is Elijah Smith (vocals), James Geraeds (guitar), Simon Boland (guitar), Jordan Millard (bass guitar) and Shaun Powell (drums). We began in November 2014, but we didn’t actually announce ourselves publicly until a year later because we spent that time writing music and preparing ourselves as best as we could.

You’re all good friends then?
We’re all great friends, yeah we all get along really well. We have similar tastes in music and similar if not almost the exact same approach to writing music, which is really great. We all have the same musical direction that we want to take the band in, so it’s really great to be with a bunch of good friends and write music at the same time.

How would you describe your sound?
That’s a tricky one just because we draw from lots of different artists, and that sounds cliché but we do draw from lots of different sounds. Our genre is Post Hardcore but I think we focus a lot on flow, energy and the structure of our songs to try to create the most emotional impact that we can while trying to write music that’s different and deep. We try to make sure each song has a different sound while maintaining our own unique sonic sound as well.

Your single ‘Youth On Repeat’ sounds pretty cool; so that was your “this is us” announcement to the world?
That is the first song off our upcoming EP, and it’s one of the earlier songs we wrote. We chose to release this one as opposed to the other ones we’ve recorded mainly because it’s the most energetic song that we have. It’s one of our more accessible songs and we spent a lot of time on that song, structurally, making sure it flowed as well as it could without it being too rigid. We didn’t want any new sections that emerged in the song to feel like they came out of nowhere. So because we spent a lot of time meticulously writing that song as a band, we thought people would get a really good taste of who we are and a good idea of what to expect in the future.

What is the meaning behind ‘Youth On Repeat’?
Eli, the vocalist, wrote the lyrics and I’d be speaking for him when I say this, but ‘Youth On Repeat’ is about trying to discuss and express the troubles of youth. The vices of youth, for example, alcoholism and the constant cycle and addiction towards these kinds of things.

You’re a pretty new band, have you played any really good gigs?
We’ve played three gigs lately and the latest gig we played is one I was most happiest with. I think because with each gig all the nerves dissipate and we start to relax a bit more, and you don’t worry about how you appear on stage or how you’re sounding and things like that. It all starts to meld together. And with the crowd it was the best response so far. With each show it feels like we’re progressing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Well, we were writing music from November to February, and around early Feb we finished one of the songs and realised that, that was the song. And we’d written songs and scraped them because we were still finding our sound, but we recorded it with Sonny Truelove (who worked with Amity Affliction, Before Their Eyes, For All Eternity), and at the time Zac Norris at STL Studios. And it was Sonny who got into contact with us. He sat us down and said that we should start looking at this a little more professionally.

It wasn’t that we weren’t being professional, so to speak, but we were writing music for the fun of it and just trying to write the best music that we could. And he told us that we should focus on finding a sound that centralises around that song. And so that’s what we did. We realised that we have the potential to do something half decent and so we fleshed out our music around that song, around that kind of playing and the way we approached writing that song. So I think without that advice we could’ve gone in any direction.

What do you think 2016 will bring?
It is really exciting because since we announced so late in 2015, 2016 is going to be the year where we’re just going to take it as it comes, and release our music as it comes. We’re going to try our hardest to get our music into the ears of as many people as we can – playing as many gigs as we can. Our goal at the end of ’16 is to play at least 10 shows, some interstate we hope. But getting our music out there and promotion is most important.

So I think 2016 might be a bridge year that leads into 2017, which we hope will be the year that gets us really noticed.

Listen to the new track here!

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Words: Ebony Story
Photos: Stewart Waterman

GRIM INDIANA-TEO Magazine-Adelaide-Sydney-Music-Blog