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“I can feel your beautiful energy.”

This was one of the first things Adelaide born guitar superstar, Orianthi said to her adoring fans during her homecoming gig at The Gov last night. The crowd was gathered tightly in front of the stage, with some patrons waving guitars in the air for the singer to sign, and dispersed out to every corner of the venue, where the music was still so loud that the fans’ hearts were beating up into their throats.

Orianthi had her audience clapping in time before she even stepped onto the stage, and when she did, their roar almost drowned out her mind numbing electric guitar solo in the night’s first hit, ‘Heaven in this Hell’. She dived flawlessly into more songs, including one penned with Steven Tyler called ‘Sex E Bizarre’, the inspirational ‘Courage’ and ‘Open Invitation’ – a tribute to her own idol Carlos Santana. Although she’s known for conquering every inch of that guitar, her twangy singing was crisp and real. The girl literally played immaculate guitar while delivering immaculate vocals with her eyes closed, and made it look easy.

Even more infectious than her talented musicianship, it was obvious that Orianthi was getting deliciously lost in the energy of her fans, her band and her passion. She was comfortable before the mass of faces, against the blasting music and in the spotlight where she belongs.

But beneath the rock ‘n’ roll vibes, the show was built on a foundation of pride. There was an unspoken agreement between everyone there that Orianthi has done Adelaide proud. Proving herself as an exceptional musician, using her voice to stand up for domestic violence, and setting the example to every aspiring “anybody” in her hometown audience, that they can be whoever they want to be, is why Orianthi is a true superstar.

Words: Vanessa Locampo
Photos: Matthias Pfeil

Orianthi-TEO Magazine-The Gov-Adelaide Music-Blog-Adelaide-Music

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