With ideologies as raw as the main muse for her artwork, the decorative skull designer and crafter behind Skull Décor aims to continue what she loves in the hopes of bringing joy to someone else’s life. Drawing inspiration from varied sources including dark art, horror movies, photography and Pinterest, each piece from Skull Décor is individual and can be personalised. TEO chats with the brains behind Skull Décor, Fallon.

TEO: Where did the love of skulls begin?
I collect anything skull related – art works, canvases, replicas etc. I’m very into dark or horror themed art works including photography and other oddities.

Where do you continue to draw inspiration for designs from?
I draw inspiration and ideas from Pinterest and some horror movies but I mainly make custom designed pieces.

What is the process of producing a skull?
It begins with mixing the plaster, pouring it into the mould, waiting for the plaster to set, releasing it out of the mould, decorating with spray paint and then it’s sent off to its new home.

Is there a particular demographic that forms your consumer base?
I don’t think so, if you’re into creepy but cute skulls then you will love the ones I make.

What are your goals for the future of Skull Décor?
I don’t have specific goals for the future, if I make someone happy then that’s all I need, I will just keep doing what I do now.

Where can we find you?

Email: skulldecor_@hotmail.com

Words: Charlotte Brader
Photo: Supplied

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