Far from just another brick in the wall, Concrete Jungle Co. is a supplier of quality, unique concrete ornaments for sweet little succulents and contemporary candle holding. Head designer and maker Abdurrahman Mohammadi envisions his hand-made pieces stocked in stores where culture, love, enthusiasm and attention to detail are paramount. These values drive his business. With future plans to experiment and expand into various areas including furniture, Concrete Jungle Co.’s contemporary pieces can help you combine chic and industrial to bring the outside, inside.

What and who is Concrete Jungle Co.?
Concrete Jungle Co. began as a simple handmade gift, and has grown into a fully functioning small business designing and creating a range of locally handmade concrete planters and candleholders. At the moment Concrete Jungle Co. is a one man project, the hands behind it belong to Abdurrahman Mohammadi (Abs). As a 22 year old ambitious creative with no formal degree, I’ve always been motivated by the freedom of expression of design and the arts. I am really just addicted to creating and the learning process that comes with it, there is something so sincere and engrossing about it.

Where do you draw your geometric inspiration from?
I’m very interested in minimal art and minimalist expressionism and that inspired the progression from spherical shapes to more interesting geometric forms. I love finding the balance between the complex shapes and edges and the raw simplicity of the concrete.

What is your process for finding and enlisting stockists?
I don’t really have a set process, I’m fortunate to have had the majority of my stockists approach me. However, my most important criteria is whether the stockist complements my brand and exemplifies the passion, quality and effort I put into my work, within their own store.

Why do you use concrete specifically in your products and how do you get marbled effects?
I find concrete to be such an affordable, versatile material and I love the raw texture, interesting irregularities, and unique finish it creates in each product. Working with concrete is such a nurtured process which demands observation and an acquired knowledge of how different variables will affect the end result This process makes everything more intimate and the final product is a journey rather than simply an object. I achieve the marbled effects by manipulating the concrete with oxide dye.

What are your aspirations for your brand/products?
I hope my business continues to expand and I can diversify my products to include a wide range of concrete items for purposes other than just planters and candles. I’d also love to eventually transition further into creating a line of limited edition concrete furniture pieces. But more than anything I plan to just enjoy the ride!

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Words: Charlotte Brader
Photos: Supplied

TEO Magazine-Concrete Jungle Co-Concrete Planters

TEO Magazine-Concrete Jungle Co-Concrete Planters

TEO Magazine-Concrete Jungle Co-Concrete Planters