It’s overwhelmingly close to Christmas Day and acquiring unique and meaningful gifts within budget is probably an equally overwhelming concept for most. Australians spend approximately $11 billion a year on Christmas gifts yet statistics indicate that over 20 million gifts received each year are actually unwanted.

In an attempt to reduce wastage and offer genuine excitement to gift receivers, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate gifts to get for the music enthusiast in your life.

Concert tickets may be a pricier option but gifting an experience reduces wastage and offers long-lasting memories. You’re also supporting artists and the music industry at the same time.

Most established bands will have an online merch shop or a merch page on their official website. There are usually options as varied as $5 stickers and $200+ bundles inclusive of CDs/vinyls, DVDs and shirts. Again, this is a gift that supports artists.

If you’re looking for a gift for a musician, there are so many thoughtful yet affordable options. Here are a few suggestions.

Engraved drumsticks
Some music stores will sell brandless drumsticks for as little as $3 per stick. Consider grabbing a set and taking them to your local engraver to add a special, personalised message. Keep in mind that some businesses close around Christmas time or may have longer than usual wait times. Make sure you do your research and get onto it ASAP if you’re looking to gift engraved drumsticks by December 25th.

Light-up or glow-in-the-dark drumsticks
Drumsticks that illuminate/glow can be a fun gift for a beginner or professional drummer—a gift that may also be fitting as a stocking filler or ‘Secret Santa’ gift.

Custom guitar picks
A custom guitar pick can be a creative yet sentimental gift for any guitarist or lover of music. Many guitar pick manufacturers will have an easy-to-follow step-by-step process to create and order your perfect pick online. This is another gift that may require prompt organisation to avoid becoming belated.

Guitar tuner/strings/strap
A new guitar strap, tuner or set of strings is unlikely to go to waste if you know your guitarist/bassist friend or family member well. These gifts can be very affordable and easy to find online or at your local music store.

If you’re not feeling confident about any of the options directly above, consider buying a gift voucher from a music store close to your loved one. A musician can never really have too much gear.

Finally, an easily attainable yet special gift could be a CD or vinyl; most truly passionate music enthusiasts are also collectors. This gives you the option to spend as little as a few dollars or splurge on something pricier. Whether it be second-hand or brand new, it’s likely that your gift of music will be welcomed with open arms.

Cover photo: Sebastian Ervi