With four albums and nine EPs under their leather-studded belts, Pennsylvania-born rockers Halestorm thrashed away those Monday night blues with their signature hard style tunes at Adelaide’s The Gov. With Black Stone Cherry recently bowing out as Halestorm’s support act due to a family emergency, New Zealanders Villainy stepped in and took to the stage of the intimate venue.

On an already balmy night, Villainy turned up the heat to boiling point by the end of their first song, ‘Wannabe.’ Giving the crowd permission to call in sick the next day, Villainy provided the perfect remedy throughout their intensely epic set, proving their worth as award-winning rockers.

Well known for their relentless touring ethic, it seems incredible that Halestorm are able to sustain their high-level energy, show after show. Nonetheless, with the crowd primed thanks to Villainy’s alternative rock sounds, Halestorm punched their way onto stage with their classic ‘Black Vultures,’ amid patrons’ thunderous cheers.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale commented on the venue’s intimacy, in contrast to the arenas they’d been playing on tour so far. As a spotlight settled on Lzzy and guitarist Joe Hottinger, plunging the rest of the room into darkness, Lzzy began her soft rendition of ‘The Silence.’ Joe strummed plaintively beside her, with Lzzy adapting her unmistakable husky growl to the soft instrumental.

Leaving punters feeling whiplashed, Halestorm then smashed out their 2015 hit ‘Amen,’ giving Joe the opportunity to showcase his impressive guitar work, while allowing the rest of the band to unite with razor sharp accuracy. Josh Smith blew the room away with the boom of his bass, while drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale attacked the drumkit relentlessly, shining in what could have been a show all on its own, and bringing the spotlight to a role usually left in the background.

After a brief break that had the crowd begging for more, the rockers stormed the stage a final time. In a show of comradery, Lzzy led the room with a war cry, taking on the final slew of songs—including ‘I Miss the Misery’—which had fans raising their horns in a bittersweet send-off.

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Photos: Peter Pap