In 2015, Emmanuel Kale designed the logo for clothing brand RAVEN for a Year 11 design project at school. Four years on, RAVEN is an established online clothing vendor based in Adelaide, releasing collections of unique streetwear featuring jackets, hoodies, t-shirts and vests. Promoting the message ‘Find Your Wings,’ RAVEN aims to encourage people to evolve and embrace their own style. Incorporating a mix of neutral and bold colours with clean but statement text or images, each product proves stylish, wearable and universal for all. Emmanuel spoke with us about the journey of RAVEN, and where he sees the brand heading in the future.

TEO: How did RAVEN grow from a school project to a business?
Emmanuel: It all started in 2015 when I did Year 11 design. For our first assignment we had to design a logo to be used for whatever we liked, so I chose to make it for a clothing line. The entire process took about a month or so, and I received the highest grade in the class for this project, so I knew it was something special. Fast forward two years: I launched the brand in 2017. Since then, I grew the brand, and now we’re here.

Who is the quintessential RAVEN customer?
Someone who likes streetwear and likes to look good without doing too much. Our fanbase is diverse, so for every collection I try to make a range of items that are suitable for anyone to wear and feel comfortable in.

What do you think it is about streetwear that gives people the opportunity to be themselves?
Our slogan ‘Find Your Wings’ means to find your own path and to live life free, like a bird with no boundaries. This ties in perfectly with streetwear, as it has no set rules or protocols so it’s easy for people to be themselves. I view streetwear and fashion in general as freedom of speech, with words being replaced with clothes.

Do you have plans to expand your range to include other clothing items such as pants, shorts or skirts? If so, are you intending to stick with the streetwear style?
I’m releasing pants and shorts before the end of the year. I intend to stick with the streetwear style, but also merge streetwear and formalwear together with things like skirts so they can be worn universally.

Who or what would you list as your influences for RAVEN?
Streetwear, skateboard and hip-hop culture are the main influences. To mention a few names: Tyler, The Creator, A$AP ROCKY, Ian Connor and A$AP Bari. I value these artists because they’re so unique.

Where does RAVEN sit in the fast/slow fashion world?
I’d say we sit in the slow fashion world, as we make good quality, timeless pieces that don’t follow the trends.

Are there plans to have RAVEN stocked in any stores?
I’ve recently been in contact with a few streetwear stores, so give it a few months and RAVEN will probably be stocked in a few stores here in Adelaide or interstate.

Where do you see RAVEN in five years?
I’d like RAVEN to make an imprint on Australian streetwear culture and start making moves globally. I also have plans for opening our own store to sell pieces instore and online. But for now, I’ll continue to grow the brand and keep making dope clothing.

Speaking of growing the brand and making dope clothing, you’re due to drop RAVEN’s latest collection Winter/Spring Part 2 on 11th November. What makes this collection unique?
There are a few new styles of garments in this collection that I’ll be releasing for the first time ever. The quantity of items was kept at a minimum so that more focus could be placed on the quality. This collection, in my opinion, will attract new fans and keep old fans returning.

If you could describe Winter/Spring Part 2 in one word, what would it be?

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Photos: MNVP Curated

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