Heavy metal was created—then through time—feared, embraced, mocked, banished, ironically embraced, and finally: unironically embraced.

There is a new breed that stands where metal is positioned—having come full circle—and Adelaide five-piece Alium take their place among the new breed. There’s a 2019 punch to the band’s sound, but the attitude channels pure, unadulterated 1980s heavy metal fervency. This is not some new school core-based hybrid where metal is the bitch; it’s a legacy-based hybrid where metal is master, with modernity its bitch.

Formed in March 2016, founding members: Rhys Jackson Stars (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Short (lead guitar), Julian Harmer (drums) and Henry Scott (bass) found sympatico in each other, taking their impassioned and authentic brand of heavy metal around the stages of Adelaide. Only months after inception, Alium were voted runner-up band in Keep It Real’ Recording Studio’s ‘Battle of the Bands’ hosted at Global Music Revolution. Keeping up the momentum, the band continued performing, mastering their craft and building up a solid fanbase before finally releasing their debut single ‘Messenger’ on 5th January 2019, followed by a searing performance at Adelaide’s premier heavy metal festival, Heavy SA, with newest member George Carey (rhythm guitar).

Alium are now preparing for the release of their second single ‘Fallen’—a visceral outpouring of sonic rage. Predominantly swaying between passages of all-out thrash energy, and sections of deftly constructed melodic composition, the music on show is also punctuated by moments of anger-fuelled growls. Lyrically, tackling the issue of blind faith in religion, Rhys says “there is an assumption with religion: that if you believe in God, and practice the faith, you are a good person. This song calls that out as the asinine bullshit it is; religion is filled with corruption and hypocrisy and is far from a true standard-bearer.”

In addition to the upcoming single release, Alium will be playing the Adelaide leg of the Brisbane-born festival SHREDFEST. The show will put them in pride of place on stage, ramming home their prowess in what will also be the ‘Fallen’ single launch. Sharing the stage for the event will be heavyweight acts such as: Monoliyth (VIC), Laceration Mantra (QLD), and Brutaliate (SA). The festival will have the bands and fans congregating at Big Shed Brewing—a foundational base for South Australia’s burgeoning metal scene.

Young bands often cut their teeth playing to their contemporaries in “safe zones” and become comfortable with the readily-available affirmation. By contrast, Alium have now stepped well beyond that and into the view of the seasoned and hardened metal community. It’s plain to see that they show the utmost surety that they belong there.

‘Fallen’ is due for release on Saturday, 24th August 2019 via all good Streaming services such as: Apple Music, Bandcamp and Spotify.

Tickets to SHREDFEST are available here.

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