When I first came across clothing label Jungles online, the lyrics of Burkhard Dallwitz (most famous from the Underbelly television series) instantly sprung to mind. The world is a big bad spirit-killing jungle. Self-described experimental label, Jungles designs clothes with imagery important to their values and beliefs. TEO asked head designer, Jack a fast five about the history of his expanding label and what we can expect from future collections.


TEO: What values or ideas does Jungles represent?
Jack: The Jungles brand represents a willful disregard for convention. We take a punk attitude to everything we do and we are anti-capitalist, D.I.Y, freedom artists.

How did you create the name and concept?
The name started as an aesthetic thing. The concept has always been a way of life; we are just trying to portray it.

What is your design process? Where do you look for inspiration?
As a mainly print based label, the imagery we use on our products is extremely important to us. It’s the reason we are doing this in the first place. We do have recurring themes within all our collections, but each collection we release takes ideas from different subcultures, aesthetics and themes. As an example, in one of our previous ranges all the imagery presented on the garments was our own take on what we found whilst researching left over acid tabs from the ’60s and ’70s. Some of our latest work is heavily influenced by artists such as Raymond Pettibon, who did a lot of work for Black Flag, along with heaps of early ’90s punk flyers and also the iconic Sonic Youth album cover. But while sometimes we have deeper meanings in our graphics, we always try to portray it in a fairly lighthearted way. We don’t want to arrogantly force our ideas on people.


Where would we usually find your customer? What would they be doing?
Probably skipping school.

Do you have a favourite piece from the current collection, which you believe is a wardrobe staple?
I wouldn’t say it’s a staple, but yeah I really like the WIPEOUT tee graphic. It’s pretty out there, but the idea behind this one was taking the piss out of the surf industry and the way so many brands try to sell stuff by associating themselves with the ocean and surfing. Even though we do surf, we try not to associate ourselves with anything like that, and I think the image of the dude in a leather jacket and Mohawk punching a surfer in the face really sums it up quite well. But you would have never known that unless I told you, which is also what I like about it.

What is in store for the future of Jungles?
More anarchy fuelled prints, and a few different products added to the mix. Keep an eye out for our summer range releasing in November, it’s our biggest range yet and features some really in your face stuff that not many brands are doing right now.


Jungles-TEO Magazine-Adelaide Fashion(Tee pictured above dropping next month!)

Instagram: instagram.com/junglesjungles
Website: junglesjungles.com

Words: Taylah Minchington
Photos: Supplied