Detroit’s break-out heavy stars I Prevail are back with a new album announcement and two new singles. Initially gaining traction off a Taylor Swift cover that took the world by storm, the band has rapidly grown to be a frontrunner in the post-hardcore scene, raking in insane streaming numbers and selling out the entirety of their Australian tour in 2017.

The two appetisers we’ve got from the album—‘Bow Down’ and ‘Breaking Downshow whole new dimensions to the band’s sound as well as a huge step up in production value. ‘Bow Down’ leans on I Prevail’s metalcore influences with rapid-fire chugging guitars and harsh screams, building into a massive hook where clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser soars. ‘Breaking Down’ is something else entirely, with a hip-hop inspired electronic drum beat and pitch-shifted vocal fragments rounding out an earnest anthem about mental health awareness.

Both singles will be appearing on I Prevail’s new album Trauma which is set to drop on 29th March 2019.

You can pre-order Trauma here.

You can catch the band live at Download Festival on 9th March in Sydney, and 11th March in Melbourne.

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