Cast your mind back to the 1980s when rock ‘n’ roll met glam metal and sleaze rock to break every rule in the book. Hollywood gave birth to a hybrid breed called Faster Pussycat in 1985 with their worldwide hit single ‘House of Pain’ that touched us all—appropriately! These guys are now returning to Australia, touring with Sydney-based The Art to give us one hell of a show. With an energy that cannot be compared, frontman Taime Downe speaks with TEO about their upcoming tour and brings us up to speed with their life in the faster lane.

TEO: The last time Australia saw you the world’s whole financial system was in crisis! What have you guys been up to since ’08?
Taime: We’ve been fixing the world’s financial crisis [laughs]. 10 years of just rocking. We are constantly touring and that’s about it, really. Just touring and living. Looking forward to coming back.

The fact that you’re touring here this month begs the very obvious question: will there be a fourth album release soon?
We’re working on it—we were going to try and get it done last year but tours and other things came up in between. Some of the stuff we’ve been working on is pretty fucking cool. We’ve started working on some riffs and stuff like that. We just finished putting the new studio together, so as soon as we get back from Australia and [from] doing the Monsters of Rock Cruise in Florida, we’ll get back to work.

Like every other fan, I’m hoping (and expecting) to hear ‘House of Pain.’ Will you mainly stick to the classics across the first three albums?
Probably, but who knows what we’ll do. We play most of the shit that’s on those records and we do some of the stuff that’s on The Power and The Glory Hole too, because that’s now 10 years old. We do a few songs off each record, mix them up, and sometimes throw a cover or two in the set as well. We’ve just got to try and make it a fucking rocking set, you know.

Your gold album Wake Me When It’s Over released in ’89 was a three-thumbs-up type of album, commercially. What’s the method behind success of that magnitude?
We just did what we do, we never wrote a song or wrote a record for anything in particular. I just kind of pick up the guitar and write shit [laughs]. We just like to write shit that we have fun playing. A lot of it had to do with ‘House of Pain’—that was a pretty personal song about dealing with my old man and stuff. Some people have ‘House of Pain’ tattoos on them. It’s pretty flattering.

I’ve heard you described as an “incomparable” and “mighty frontman.” Why do you think such powerful adjectives are used in front of the name Taime Downe?
They must have been really high or stoned out of their minds—that was very flattering. I don’t know, a drink and a smoke and I’d kind of just do my shit.

The Art is the main support band for this tour and you’ve toured the US with them before. Have you got any interesting stories or is it a case of what happens in the US stays in the US?
Oh yeah, there’s tonnes of shit. We had The Art with us in Europe as well and they’re such good people, we really can’t wait to see them. There’s lots of antics, we had a lot of fun. A lot of the crazy shit though—what stays in the ‘Pussycat camp’ stays in the ‘Pussycat camp’ [laughs].

Thursday 14 February 2019 – ADELAIDE, Enigma Bar

Friday 15 February 2019 – MELBOURNE, The Prince

Saturday 16 February 2019 – SYDNEY, Crowbar

Sunday 17 February 2019 – BRISBANE, Crowbar

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