The Venue at The Gov hosted a flock of patrons eager to get a bit of Trophy Eyes last night, before the band kicks back off to the US for the rest of their American Dream tour.

Folk from all walks of life and music preferences watched the Newcastle lads share the stage with fellow Aussies STUMPS, Maddy Jane and Dear Seattle. All three supports echoed the alternative notes of the headliners, warming the ears for what was to come.

Come time for Trophy Eyes, the mosh pit was flooded with eager fans and the band kicked their set off with a rain of sparks fired from the front. The American Dream album has songs scattered from all over the hardcore/alternative spectrum, yet each one stirred the audience more and more as the set went on. During an apparent no-wrong run, the band paused to thank fans for their years of support. Song ‘Something Bigger Than This’ bound the crowd in the way a hold-your-beer-high anthem does.

A sweaty but enjoyable night—Trophy Eyes brought it for Adelaide before taking the American Dream back to its homeland. It’d be well worth catching the final show in Melbourne on October 20th. You’ll feel like it’s Friday forever.

Tickets for Trophy Eyes at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre are available here.

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Photo: Peter Pap