There’s something in the Perth water that develops really rad musicians—and Hideous Sun Demon’s Vincent Buchanan, Jake Suriano and Blake Hart are no exception (think King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard with a healthy dose of punk rock). They’ve just released their third album, Fame Erotic Dream and are part way through a huge Australian tour. TEO managed to catch Jake the morning after a gig to chat about moving to Melbourne, making music videos and playing in the Perth music scene.

TEO: Your third album, Fame Erotic Dream was released on July 27th and it’s a sonic masterpiecewhat was it like writing a record like this?
It was a long time ago to be honest, because we decided to tour a lot last year. We recorded it mainly live and we had another member in the band who’s not with us anymore, but we did it in two sessions in early 2017, so it’s taken a long time to come out. And because we decided to focus on touring last year, a lot of the money that we could’ve spent on mixing and mastering we spent on getting the live show on the road. But a lot has changed since we recorded the album, I live in Melbourne at the moment.

Oh! So how does that work with the band, are you all moving over?
Vincent just moved here and we’re going to be a Melbourne-based band. We’ve done some really great things out of Perth, we’ve been playing there for five or six years and I think it’s time we try to do what we’re doing out of Melbourne. Financially, it makes more sense.

There’s a lot going on in your songs, and you said you recorded live, so how was it in the studio laying the tracks down?
It was pretty interesting. Recording-wise it’s a great way to capture energy but it can be frustrating because if one person screws up the take you have to start again. Some of us had a couple of beers, you know the usual stuff; musicians aren’t notoriously known for looking after themselves.

‘Antithesis’ was added to rage which is so awesome, and the music video is hilarious chaos! How did you guys go about creating it?
Really stoked about the rage love, and the video was organised pretty last minute which is very typical of us. A lot of messaging because I was on the east coast and it was filmed over in Perth. It was actually filmed on a Google Pixel phone, it was pretty wild! And then we slapped a fisheye lens on it.

There’s something about Perth, because that city has produced some of the best quirky psych-rock bands like Pond and Tame Impala. What goes on in the music scene over there?
It’s a tricky question, I think we are lucky that it’s such a small community. Whenever we come over to Melbourne you can see trends a bit more obviously because there are more bands. But I think it’s easier to be unique in Perth and just do your own thing. There’s a lot of support and it’s a nice community open to people trying new things.

You guys have said that you’ve gotten a lot closer to what you want to sound like on this record, what else do you want to explore?
We want to try to explore more grooves because Blake is a great punk drummer, but he’s actually a great hip hop drummer. We’ve sort of experimented in the past with some groove-based songs, so it would be cool to do more—dare I say it—dancey stuff.

You kicked off your Flame Erotic Dream Tour on the 2nd of August and you pretty much keep going until the end of September. How are you planning to survive this tour?
Ah, yes. Well, we’re not really surviving at the moment! Vincent has a sore throat but luckily with our style of music it’s not too noticeable. But I take Echinacea, Vitamin C, I try to sleep and I was going to have a quiet one last night but that didn’t happen. You just have to pick which days are going to be write offs because it’s hard to be productive when you’re hung over.

We’re excited to see where Hideous Sun Demon is going, any hints on plans for the rest of the year?
I guess the Melbourne relocation will be finalised, hopefully our drummer moves over! I would like to get in the studio again to be honest, but no tours are planned at the moment because this is such a big one, but hopefully some more east coast shows!

Fame Erotic Dream is available via Spotify.

Wednesday, 15 August – SYDNEY, Sosueme

Friday, 17 August – GOLD COAST, Miami Shark Bar

Saturday, 18 August – BRISBANE, The Bearded Lady

Thursday, 23 August – LAUNCESTON, Greenwood Bar

Friday, 24 August – HOBART, Brisbane Hotel

Saturday, 25 August – BALLARAT, The Eastern

Friday, 28 September – MARGARET RIVER, Settlers Tavern

Saturday, 29 September – PERTH, Mojo’s

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