It’s been a little while since the guys from Adelaide band, The Unset, have graced us with their presence. Today, they’re back better than ever with their latest single ‘Hunter.’ Since releasing their debut EP Polymer in 2016, the duo has: shared a stage with a multitude of bands, won ‘Best Song’ for ‘Solipsism’ from Captured Australia and even had Polymer listed in Aussie Alternative Radio’s ‘Top 25 Eps of 2016.’ The band has certainly been very busy, which makes this release all the more exciting.

‘Hunter’ is a tight, four minutes and 47 seconds of blissful, pared back drums and guitars with their iconic vocal style that builds up to a powerful finish. One thing the band has always nailed is their ability to make music that is incredibly easy to listen to, and this is no exception. Typical of their style, they draw you in gently and bring in the drums, guitar and vocals one by one, concluding only when they’ve reached the emotional peak—yet even at their heaviest they are brilliantly minimalist. They show a restraint that is reminiscent of their earlier work, appearing to sit more solidly in the alternative world for this piece. I would have previously described their work as quietly stated; however steadily simmering is a more apt description for ‘Hunter.’ It’s certainly a more grown-up piece from the band, showing a maturity that has come from touring and working over the last couple of years.

To celebrate the launch of the single, The Unset will be playing Detour 2018 at Estonian Hall, North Adelaide on Saturday 21st July, with bands: Walking With Thieves, Khan, Kings Within and Mortal Combat.

You can find more information on the official Facebook event page.

‘Hunter’ is out now on all major digital platforms.

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