Nestled away just off Rosina Street, Cry Baby, is the latest addition to Adelaide’s nightlife, opening its doors for the first time on Saturday.

Named after Janis Joplin’s posthumous 1971 single, the song’s commitment to simple but passionate fundamentals is mirrored in the bar’s presentation and layout. You learn everything you need to know about the bar in your first couple of glances: the drinks are at the front, pool table in the middle, jukebox to the side and seating everywhere else.

The magic of Cry Baby is in the details; hidden amongst the appropriately dim neon lighting, the setting evokes the spirit of a ’70s dive bar through its cozy booth seating and sprinkling of rustic artwork along the walls. There’s a modest cocktail menu and an endless supply of rock classics coming from the jukebox, and the pink Cry Baby sign perched on the back wall seems destined to be an essential photo-op.

Combine this with the accommodating staff, who were happy to chat even as the bar filled, and you have a venue that’s almost instantly familiar and comfortable—a far cry from the pretension of other niche Adelaide venues. This friendly vibe was a draw card for punters and by the time 8.00pm rolled around, holding on to your seat inside the packed venue proved a challenge.

It was hard to believe this was Cry Baby’s grand opening as the camaraderie between patrons and staff felt as if it had been brewing for years. But if Saturday is any indication, Cry Baby’s old-school spirit paired with its modern comforts will inevitably attract a loyal following.

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11 Solomon St
Adelaide, SA

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Image: Cry Baby