When you listen to this EP, keep in mind that this is Tired Eyes’ debut. They haven’t been putting out music for years and perfecting their style over multiple releases, this is their first. And it’s bloody hard to believe because it is absolute quality.

Think instrumentals along the lines of Sydney’s Sleepmakeswaves floating along under a voice that can swing from aggressive shouts to beautiful melodic tones. In Denial, Force A Smile features six tracks that are well placed and each speak to a different nature of Tired Eyes.

‘Unforgiveness’ is probably one of the most notable intro songs out there. In just under two minutes it showcases a dreamy use of keys, melodic guitars and quick forceful vocals. It’s a sneak peek of what’s to come and it’s a little bit moody, lyrically emotional and musically technical.

‘Outta Sight’ and ‘A Place, A Space, A Symphony’ are both songs where the song structure will hit you perfectly. It’s soft in the right places, hard exactly where you need it and somehow, they’ve managed to let the instruments shine equally alongside the vocals.

‘Tempt Me’ and ‘Dissonance’ are songs that you need to listen to back to back. ‘Tempt Me’ has this riff set on a loop that plays behind the whole song and it builds anticipation that is only released in ‘Dissonance’—man, this is good stuff. Let’s not skip lightly over the closing track ‘LOVECVTS’ which is a whole other face of Tired Eyes. Theatrical and fun with hints of jazz, it’s a song you didn’t know a band like this would write, and it only works because their vocalist is so versatile.

The guys behind Tired Eyes—Joey Keating (vocals/guitar), Jesse Kampkes (bass), Judah Kampkes (keys) and Samuel Peacock (drums)—are onto something good. In Denial, Force A Smile, is the EP that will project Tired Eyes right into the heart of post-hardcore fans, where they’ll build a little house and stay forever.

Rating: 10 outta 10 devil horns.

In Denial, Force A Smile is due for release on Friday, 29th June.

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