Fowler’s Live was filled with epic music on Friday 15th courtesy of: Days of Deceit, Valhalla, Ocean Sleeper and headliners, Dream On, Dreamer. Oh man, was it a treat! Dream On, Dreamer are fresh out of the studio with their fourth record It Comes and Goes and they’ve been taking a whole bunch of bands around Australia to deliver the goodness.

Days of Deceit and Valhalla opened up the night and brought the crowd in. Both Adelaide bands, they brought their A game and delivered some meaty tunes. Days of Deceit went in guns blazing, the kind of band that can deliver a song with impressive strength. ‘OneLove’ is a track to watch out for, no doubt. And Valhalla, not to be outdone threw down some beats. Deep growls and melodies that shone through the heaviness really brought in the crowd.

Next up was Ocean Sleeper and, despite having a tough battle with their sound quality, pushed through to deliver a visually impressive set. Their energy was high on stage, with frontman Karl Spiessl belting out the lyrics and guitarists Ionei Heckenberg and Stan Liagourdis head banging in the breakdowns. Aside from impressive onstage antics, you couldn’t help but be drawn to drummer Jarred Robson. Hidden away behind his kit, his beats were rapid, holding the melodies together through songs like ‘Worthless•No Purpose,’ ‘Six Feet Down’ and ‘Smokin and Drinkin.’

Before Dream On, Dreamer hit the stage, the tension in the room was rising. When they finally walked on to ‘Don’t Lose Your Heart,’ the crowd lost it. With one of their biggest songs over the past few years up first the crowd was pumped and the night was starting to look up.

From that first note, it’s clear they’re professionals. Every member works the stage, clearly enjoying themselves, and they all work together so easily. Vocalist Marcel Gadacz, while being under the weather, is a powerful figure on stage. The back and forth singing between himself and guitarist Zach Britt is one of the bands key signatures—and both are standout vocalists in their own right. While this album has seen a musical shift with the band to something a little lighter with cleaner vocals, their performance was definitely not lacking in volume and emotion on stage.

It was an exciting set with some major power stances from bassist Chris Shaw and some insane riffage from both Callan Orr and Zach Britt. Their standout songs of the night were ‘Shine,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Society To Anxiety’ and ‘Let It In,’ making for a killer end to the evening.

There’s a lot to say about Dream On, Dreamer, but the main point is they are goddamn talented. You can tell there’s a lot of heart infused into their music and that’s part of the reason why their fans love them so much. Australia will always need more Dream On, Dreamer.

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Saturday 16 June – PERTH, Amplifier Bar
Friday 22 June – RINGWOOD, Elliots Bar
Saturday 23 June – FRANKSTON, Pelican Bar
Saturday 30 June – BRISBANE, The Brightside

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Photos: Josh McCawley