Melbourne band Dream On, Dreamer have released their much anticipated fourth album It Comes and Goes, and it’s blown up in just a few weeks. This new album explores a lighter side of the band, with melodic soundscapes and emotive vocals, showing that Marcel Gadacz (lead vocals), Zachary Britt (rhythm guitar), Callan Orr (lead guitar) and Chris Shaw (bass) are as versatile as they are talented.

The guys are currently on tour reaching out to fans across the country, and TEO managed to catch up with Marcel Gadacz to find out a bit about why he’s changed his vocal style, and how this album came together.

TEO: It Comes and Goes is quite different from your previous albums. Were you expecting some negative responses with this shift?
I haven’t really been able to find any, and judging from the response from this album tour it’s been going down really well! We’re really happy that everyone’s on board with this new sound and the new direction we’ve headed with this album.

Vocally, you’ve taken a big step towards a much cleaner style. Why was that important for you to do with this record?
I’ve done heavier vocals for many years, and I must say that I wasn’t really enjoying it as much anymore. Performing is still fun, but I’m not really listening to any bands like that anymore.

It’s been like this for a few years now and so I’ve been trying to teach myself something new. I’ve been exploring my clean singing phase and it’s really exciting for me. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone a bit and change up my vocal style.

Are you open with the meaning behind songs or is song writing very personal for you?
They reflect what we’re feeling and what we’re going through, and for some reason they always link up. Some songs on this album we didn’t even speak about the lyrical content but it made sense when we finished the demos. It was like, ‘ah, I would’ve said the same thing,’ or ‘I would’ve spoken about the same topic.’ So it’s really nice that it’s all worked.

You guys don’t actually get together to write in the same room. Do you find when collaborating that way there are more delays?
We’re just really good at working in our own element—we have tried in the past to get together but it just doesn’t really work for us. It basically starts with Callan, our guitarist. He writes everything from drums to bass to guitar and all the production as well, so it’s really nice to receive an instrumental song that we can work with and rearrange. Then Zach and myself write lyrics because we kind of have an idea of what the finished track might sound like.

You’re currently on tour promoting It Comes and Goes, do you think now that you’re a well-established band that touring becomes a little more serious because you have a reputation to uphold?
We’ve always tried to look at it really professionally. We’ve been doing this for some years now and perhaps the last couple of years we’ve gotten to the point where we know what to expect when we go on tour.

But this album feels a little like a rebirth and starting this tour has made me realise how exciting it really can be. Yes, we try to be professional in the way we work and how we are on stage, but it’s really more so that it’s fun again. It sounds really weird because sometimes we just take these things, like touring, for granted but it should never be like that, but sometimes you can’t help it.

Any hints for what’s happening with the band for the rest of the year?
We’re going to keep it under wraps for the moment, we just want to concentrate on this and see how this album is being received and then we’ll make other plans. So, for now we’ll keep our heads down and focus on this tour, see where it takes us and not have any expectations.

Friday 15 June – ADELAIDE, Fowler’s Live
Saturday 16 June – PERTH, Amplifier Bar
Friday 22 June – RINGWOOD, Elliots Bar
Saturday 23 June – FRANKSTON, Pelican Bar
Saturday 30 June – BRISBANE, The Brightside

Available here.

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