Mathias Void has given a whole new meaning to ‘existential crisis’ with the latest addition to his namesake fashion label. Doing a complete 180, Mathias has moved away from basic t-shirts and tanks, producing something far from anything the brand has done before. Five custom burner jackets have been launched, introducing the brand’s signature style, which Mathias has named ‘Trank.’ If Trank was a canvas, this would be the paint: a touch of bleach, a splatter of fluorescent graffiti, a dollop of punk inspired elements and a whole lot of self-expression. Even after all that, there’s more to this than meets the eye. TEO spoke to Mathias himself about the brand’s direction, style and existentialism. 

TEO: I’ve read that your Mirror Logo represents the good and evil that resides in us, and it’s up to us which way we tip the scale; towards good or evil. Is the latest collection tipping the scale towards evil?
Mathias: The logo is my belief that people aren’t just good or evil. The new collection isn’t tipping towards evil, just a darker side. I believe it’s important to be who you want to be, not what other people expect you to be. Wearing punk clothing or wearing spikes doesn’t necessarily mean evil. To some people, it looks scary and demonic but to other people it looks good! It’s the deeds, not the way we look, that’s evil.

Mathias Void hates humanity’s need to fit in a box. How does the brand unify people, despite ingrained stereotypes?
In the fashion industry, we’re taught [about] target markets. I’m not going to buy into that. Obviously [Mathias Void is] going to appeal to certain types of people, but if you’re a 45-year-old doctor who has three kids and a mortgage, I won’t stop you from wearing my clothes. I don’t care who you are, I’m not going to exclude anybody.

The jacket (pictured below) features a reversed hierophant tarot card on the front. Is the meaning of the card the inspiration behind the new collection?
For every burner jacket, I’m doing a tarot reading. The story from the reading is what gets put on the jacket. I want them to be a personal item. I’m trying to imagine who’s buying the jacket while I do the reading, so in a way, I’m trying to pick somebody. Hopefully that person will buy the jacket, they’ll get the reading and it will help them in some way.

The jacket in the photo is a custom burner jacket in the Mathias Void Trank style you have created. Tell us more about this Trank style.
Trank is the style I’m creating that I want to be synonymous with the Mathias Void Fashion House. It’s everything that’s influenced me. I could tell you my favourite artists and musicians, but that doesn’t necessarily add up to what I’m about. I see a lot more punk elements coming in, which is good because that’s where I’ve always wanted to go, but it’s evolved.

Mathias Void’s latest collection is out now. You can shop it here.

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Photo: Daniel Edwards

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