Have you ever been to a gig so underground it was upstairs in an office building? We have—last Saturday—and it was a red haze of musical goodness.

Adelaide experimental band, Cobra, always puts on a good show—but this time, it was scaled down and intensified. A small office room doubling as the band’s rehearsal studio, select guest-list, BYO poison and smoking allowed.

If you haven’t seen Cobra play live, it’s an experience that will stay with you. Fluid, progressive melodies that build and transform the longer the song continues, this band is masterful in their seamless transitions to completely different melodies and beats—the best thing you can do is plant yourself somewhere and close your eyes. The soundscapes they create are something else, and around the room everyone was absorbed.

Progressive music is a genre that is very technically elaborate, incredible to listen to and even better to witness live. You can hear how many hours go into the creation of these songs, to memorise and write a 10+ minute song that doesn’t get boring, and to play in perfect unison with each other.

It was an intimate gathering to say the least, and a very special performance by Cobra. Sometimes you don’t need a festival stage to rock a crowd; you just need a room and receptive ears.

You can watch a clip taken live from the event here.

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Photo: Nathan Dior