For five years now, Sydney based photographer Ally Kazacos has taken on the alias One Hungry Photographer, covering events and organising photo shoots. She first fell in love with photography back in 2009 when she studied it at school—fast forward nine years and Ally’s still behind a camera, creating those sexy and cheeky shoots she’s so well known for.

Now One Hungry Photographer includes photography, videography and a merch line, as well as a pretty major social media presence. TEO sat down with Ally to discuss her Zappos addiction, OHP’s song preference and most importantly, her camera of choice.

TEO: If you could photograph anyone in the world who would it be?
This is super, super hard! I’m a huge Childish Gambino fan, so if I could be in the same room as Donald Glover taking some shots of him, whether I’m in them or not I’m not sure, that would definitely be amazing. I’m a huge fan of him—he’s very talented.

What’s your favourite food ever?
I have a huge sweet tooth, so it’s got to either be ice cream or sour lollies—like Zappos I’ll go to town on. And they’re the worst! I’ll have stacks in my glove box and they just get me by. They’re amazing.

What is your go-to shoot location?
You can’t go wrong with a good beach. I love going out to Maroubra, Malabar, Little Bay—along that coastline there is so beautiful. I just love shooting at beaches; I think it’s really cool. I do a lot of shoots at my own house in my backyard as well—I have a pretty big backyard.

Just anywhere that the model feels comfortable, ’cause most of my shoots are pretty sexy and cheeky, so having a comfortable environment for the model is always super, super important for me. I’ll never do something in a public space that they’re not comfortable with.

Lighting: inside or outside?
100% outside. I’ll always have someone, if not my makeup artist, helping me with the reflector. I just think natural lighting—you can play with it so much. It’s not as artificial as a studio but I do love shooting in the studio…just [I love] all the lights and shadows of natural lighting.

What’s your best personality trait?
I think I’m really, really funny [laughs]—my friends will probably disagree. When I’m on set with everyone I like to make sure everyone’s comfortable and I use my humour to do that. I’ve been told in the past—like I’ve had models tell me—that I create a comfortable space for them, talking through what we’re doing. Communication is so important.

What’s your favourite camera and lens combo to shoot with? Why?
For digital, mine is Canon 5D Mark III—very good camera! And my go-to is the 24-70mm lens, that’s just what I use for most of my fashion stuff. I shot a wedding the other week, and I had a 70-200mm and oh my goodness it was magical. It’s so heavy! But you just feel like such a boss! So good!

But then I also like to bring my little Pentax K 1000, which is my 35mm film one. I just love doing little behind the scenes [shots] with that. I try to mix it up but the majority of my shoots are with my digital camera. [But] you really question whether the equipment is the be all and end all.

If One Hungry Photographer was a song, what would it be?
Oh, this is hard! I love Childish but I don’t know if that would fit. I love rap and I can’t go past Cardi B’s ‘Bodak Yellow,’ it just gets me really amped up! But also, Fergie does a song called ‘Hungry’ featuring Rick Ross and sometimes I just play that and I’m like ‘yeah I am hungry, I am starving.’ It’s just a really, really good theme song, I feel.

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Photos: Ally Kazacos / One Hungry Photographer
Hair and Makeup: Karla Markarian
Model: Scout O’Donoghue
Assistant: Claudia Konakov

*This content is sponsored by One Hungry Photographer